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Description Goldmund Studio (Modified CF Chassis and Plinth, Newport Active Suspension, and Trichord Research NCPSU) and T3F, FR 64S, Syrinx PU4 , Original Parnassus, Clearaudio Goldmund and Goldmund Signature, Ortofon SPU modified; AHT Non-SIgnature Phono Stage; Sharp DX-SX1/SM-SX100 (transport and integrated with DSD DAC); Pioneers PD-95S transport Stax SR-007mk1, Stax 003, Grado 325, Monster Turbines Goldmund Mimesis 2, 8 and 12 Sonus Faber Extrema and ProAc EBS Assorted Magnan and FMS Interconnects; Alpha Core AG2 Bi-Wire; Magnan and PS Audio Powercords; PS300 multiwave
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