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Description The tubes I am running in my WA5LE are 2 nos WE300B's match pair date code 5626, 2 nos TS 6SN7GT round plates matched pair dated August of 1942 and 2 EML 5U4G mesh plate(latest production type), my source is a Oppo BD-83SE Nuforce Edition, headphones HD-800 & Cardas cable. The Oppo is connected directly to my WA5LE via King Cobra interconnects (1m), for audio and video is from my Oppo via HDMI cable directly to my monitor (kuro 141) HDMI audio is off in the Oppo. I also use 2 Black Sand Violet Z1 power cords (1m) and a PS audio premier power station. My WA5LE also has the parts upgrade, Teflon sockets and a Alps RK50 pot.
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