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Description I was only in to HiFi, but after the birth of my son (now 15 months) I was forced to find an alternative to my wall cracking sound system. And here I am. My HiFI/HT setup : - JVC DILA HD950---> LP Morgan Novares (140") Flocked velour - B&W 802D front towers - B&W HTM2D Center - B&W 602S3 Rear - McIntosh MC452 power amp for main towers - McIntosh MC303 power amps for the rest - Integra DHC 80.3 Pre/Pro connected Via XLR - Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD - Velodyne DD18+ - All interconnects are Chord Company Signature cables - Speaker cables are custom made (by TM3 connections) solid silver (16 core) with Double insulation, ferrite core filters and Banana termination (silver soldering on gold plated solid silver plugs) - Power company power filters for each component
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