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Last updated Apr 15, 2016 at 1:33 pm

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wow Zardon you have quite an inventory of headphones
Lol he definitely does.
He's still missing the L3000, a Qualia, and an HE90. After that I think his list will be complete as far as these forums are concerned. Haha.
On a real note though, Zardon, do you have any intent on getting any of the ones I mentioned? They are missing from your list.
Dude don't be too hard on him... that's a 20- 25 000 dollars+ request you got there.
He's also missing the K1000 :P.
Ah yes, that one too!
And when someone has the kind of inventory that Zardon does, they're begging for it ;-) I think a good few of us would give their left arm for that kind of collection. I wonder what amps he has to go along with them? The whole system too?
Yes, he has all of the best, lol. Well the best tube amps, with the best tubes, lol. I don't know about solid state.
Yeah, I just took a read and it seems he does have some good tubes amps too. If you haven't, you should read up on his recabeled and restored R10 thread. It's a good read and there are some nice pics throughout it. I couldn't believe that he has a stock of 1500 NOS tubes... He just let a matched quad of Tung Sol 5998s go, man did I ever want those and the LittleDot Mk VI+ they were in! Hopefully down the road I'll be able to get my hands on something like them.
And I found some comments he wrote about listening to the Orpheus, so the fact that he doesn't have one isn't because he hasn't spent any time with one.
Anyway, I'd like to have a few of these. Time to put my nose that much closer to the grind stone
what a collection!
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