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Take a look at Vsonic GR06. You can get them at Frogbeats. A younger brother to the GR07, they are getting rave reviews on here at the moment. Very clear mids and terrific sparkly treble. Nice bass too; smooth and textured, and not remotely thumpy. Comes with an astonishing set of accessories and quite easily bests my Senn IE7's which cost four times as much at the time. They're only £32 with free postage and you'll have to spend upwards of £70 to find something as good...
I have now received my GR06's. Letting them warm up a little bit first before I have a listen on my lunch break! Similarly to some other members, I do not have a chin fastener :-( :-(        EDIT: What a fantastic set of accessories to start! I will list my gripes first, the wire is not to my liking but that is just personal opinion... As mentioned above my chin strap is also non existent.   But that is it! The rest is all positive! Unfortunately the only...
Mine are arriving at work tomorrow so will be sure to give them a good listening to on the train journey home. Very excited!
Haven't stopped in for a while, but my IE7's just broke. Ordered a pair of GR06's to tide me over til I can afford some 07's.. They look really promising! I'm hoping they arrive tomorrow. Paid for special delivery but didn't order til 15.44 today. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the informative reviews HeatFan12!
That is my point, most of us won't know because we've never gone near SC's..  
I'm not being mean but do some research. You won't really find anyone that would say a good thing about Skull Candy's in this forum. The general rule is Skull Candy is rubbish. Anything sounds better than Skull Candy. Including Apple buds. The search button is always useful.  
Yeah I see what you're saying Hanes but to be honest, I am gonna risk it. Its 50/50, I could get the best deal of my life, or I could return them to him and get my money back, meaning all I lose is my postage costs. But ya know, maybe he is just an idiot and thinks he can speak German when he can't. On the note of the photo being for the gold's, he did say to me that he had a batch of both golds and coppers and took just one picture for all of them (kind of...
I believe iHeadphones.co.uk ship to Europe?    European 3-5 days is 5.99 European 2-4 days is 14.99   :)  
Despite what I said earlier, I actually just purchased a pair of coppers from a seller on eBay. He currently has some gold's more coppers if you fancy a ganders. I have no affiliation to him in any way. But I got them for £67.06 (bidding) I asked him if they were genuine and how he let them go so cheap and he said that he bought the stock from a bankrupt company in Manchester. He also noted that he was expecting and hoping for a bit more than £67.06 and his feedback...
Unless stolen, definitely too good to be true. I would stay away to be quite frank. I myself want a pair of Pro Coppers/Golds but wouldn't even consider buying a pair for only £99.99. That is £150 pounds off of the RRP. Up to you though :)
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