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Haha Yeah crazy stuff when you see them all lined up for weeks just to get the first iPhone. What's the world coming to. LOL
This always seems to happen when Apple release a new iDevice. Apparently the first batches of the iPhone 6+ had the camera issue and now the new iPhone 6S/6S+ have the audio issue. That is why its best to wait a few months before buying anything new from Apple or any other company.
I forgot to mention on my thread that I did eventually get the Sony XBM-H1 and they are good crisp sounds IEMs but again I haven't used them in a while. i now use B&O H3 IEMs which are good.
I haven't used my C5 IEMs for a long time since buying new IEMs but its good to know that the service in good from B&W in the event if I use the IEMs again they cut off on one channel.
I recently bought a secondhand iPod Touch 5G and to be honest the sound quality on my iPhone 6 Plus is much better. The soundstage and bass is better on the 6 Plus than the iPod Touch 5G. I find the sound quality and soundstage of the Touch 5G disappointing. I'm in the process of buying the new iPod Touch 6G and hopefully the sound quality on that is on par with the 6 Plus or better.
JetAudio works great on my iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5S. However, it crashes on my iPod Touch 5G. It works when I first open the app after installing it but when I close the app and try to open it again it freezes and crashes. I only have this problem on my iPod Touch 5G so I'm thinking it could be a memory problem. Damn shame as its such a great sounding app. Please fix this.
I bought a secondhand iPod Touch 5G from my local Electrical store here in the UK. I have been listening to music on it and the sound quality is superb. However the biggest surprise is that the music sounds a lot louder than my iPhone 6 Plus. Anyway I was wondering if I have purchased a non EU model without the volume cap. When I go into settings and music there is no EU volume switch. The only option is volume limit then select maximum volume. This is making me think...
I have good news. I was able to jailbreak my iPhone 6 Plus on iOS 8.4 and I am still able to access the system files using iFile. I have uncapped the EU volume cap by editing the appropriate files in the System and var/mobile/library/preferences.
The iPhone has to be jailbroken. Unfortunately if you have updated to iOS 8.1.3 then you are out of luck as there is no jailbreak at the moment for that. However, if you haven't updated to 8.1.3 then you can google for the taig jailbreak for ios 8. Once you have the phone jailbroken you can install iFile on Cydia and then go to system/library/frameworks/MediaToolBox.framework and find the EUVolumeLimits.plist and change the current volume setting to 1. Do the same on the...
I managed to get rid of the awful EU volume cap on my EU iPhone 6 Plus. I can tell you that the SQ is now fantastic. The music has more punch and the soundstage is better as well has it being a lot louder. Jailbreaking is the way to go for audiophiles who have the EU iPhone 5, 5S and iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
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