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 Haha Sorry about that. I'm having a bad day today so I'm taking everything personal when I know it wasn't meant. I do hear a bit of a difference on the volume after setting the volumelimit to 1.2. Strange how I had to uninstall EU Volume Limit Disabler to get it showing. Anyway thanks for the screenshots. I also edited the EURegionalVolumes archive as well using iFile.
UPDATE I removed EU Volume Limit Disabler from Cydia and now volumelimits and parentalVolumeCappedtoEU have now appeared and I am now able to adjust the EU volume cap to 1.2 so really installing EU Volume Limit Disabler from Cydia isn't really needed and was causing the problems.
 That is not a very nice or friendly quote isn't it. tut tut you lack manners.
On your screenshots thats the same as what I get except "parentalVolumeCappedtoEUvo" and "volumelimits" is missing.
  I am using the iPhone 5S jailbroken running iOS 7.0.6 When I open I see this... volumes dictionary and when I open this I get headphone-hdft-wired Audio/Video - 0.8600000000000000. I changed that to 1.2 but I hear no change in volume. I'm looking forward to your screenshot to see whats going on.
 I installed EU Volume Limit Disabler from Cyda and installed it. I also installed iFile and went to /var/mobile/library/preferences and opened the archive com.celestial.plist% but I cannot find volumelimits/headphone. It seems to be missing. Please advise as I am wanting the EU volume cap on my iPhone 5S uncapped.
I checked for Superloud on the App Store and I see that Superloud Standard and Superloud Essential both priced at £2.99.
I recently bought the Sony XBA-H1 IEMs and they are fantastic. The bass is tight detailed and punchy and the mids and highs are good too. The soundstage and instrument seperation is very good too. They actually sound much better that the XBA-1 IEMs I bought last year which I thought were cold and tinny sounding. The XBA-H1 sounds just as good as the B&W C5 IEMs I bought last week. I am very impressed.
I recently bought an iPhone 5S and just a few days ago I bought a new pair of IEMs. When I plugged the IEMs into my iPhone 5S the plug looks like it is at a very slight angle to the right. At first I thought it was the jack of my IEMs which were slightly bent but in fact it is actually the iPhone 5S socket which is slightly crooked that gives that impression as I tried it with other IEMs. Is this quite common? I bought the iPhone from a mobile phone shop brand new. If they...
Cool I will look into it.  The B&W C5 IEMs are very good. The sound quality is very hi-fi and I love the bass and mids on it. I cannot understand a lot of the reviews that said the bass was too much because I find the bass just right. My only criticism is that the highs can be harsh like you said before. The stereo crosstalk on those phones are also very good and instrument separation is good too. They more or less have the same signature as my Sony EX500 IEMs but the C5...
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