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Since the UK voted to leave the EU does this mean that in 2 years time Sony, Apple and other companies will ship out mobile phones and DAPs to the UK without them been capped with the dreaded EU volume cap?
Wouldn't the iPhone draw more power if earphones are plugged into the lightning connector unless Apple use a bigger stronger battery in the iPhone 7. If this is the case then it's a bad move from Apple and I'm afraid my iPhone 6S+ will be the last iPhone I will own as I use my iPhone mainly for listening to music, making music on the go and the internet.
I bought myself an iPhone 6S Plus today and the uncapped EU volume cap has been retained from my old 6 Plus by a backup Anyway, the SQ on my 6S Plus is better than on my 6 Plus. The sound seems to have more clarity and richer bass. However, I've noticed a clicking sound a second after I stop a track or skip to the next track. I have the TSMC chip model.
Yes to all questions. I uncapped my iPhone 6+ when it was jailbroken on iOS 8. I recently updated to iOS 9 and my iPhone is still uncapped😀
Yeah. I have made a thread about my discovery.
This is something I discovered while restoring my iPhone 6+. Before the restore my iPhone 6+ was jailbroken with the EU volume uncapped. After restoring my iPhone 6+ and restoring backup to my happy surprise I noticed my iPhone 6+ volume was still uncapped even without a jailbreak. Here is instructions how to do it. First you will need to jailbreak iPhone/iPod Touch to install iFile to change the settings to uncap device. On iFile go to...
Yeah, I do a jailbreak and then I do a restore and then restore backup via iTunes and the iPhone is still uncapped.
Yes, I am certain it has kept the output power probably because the settings were saved in the backup on iTunes. I checked the settings I made in iFile and they are still there. In fact I think I set the output power a bit high because the sound is a little bit louder half way (8 squares) on the volume than on my iPad Air 2 which doesn't have the EU cap and I also own a US iPod Touch 5G and my iPhone is a little louder than that. I have even tested it with a iPhone 5s that...
Doing a backup on my jailbroken European iPhone 6+ with the EU volume cap disabled and edited through iFile I have noticed that when I restore my iPhone 6+ it still keeps the settings I made to get rid of the EU volume cap even though my iPhone is NOT jailbroken. 😀So this means that the backup I have on iTunes can be used on my other iPhone to disable the EU volume cap and make it louder and I don't need to jailbreak.
I think Apple are out of order sticking inferior chips in some iPhone 6S/6S+ phones and selling them at the same price as the same models with the slightly better chips. Shame on you Apple. I was really wanting to buy the new iPhone 6S+ but with the buzzing issues and the fear of getting the inferior Samsung chip model is putting me off buying now.
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