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My favourite EQ app at the moment on iOS is EQ10. I really think EQ10 is a great sounding EQ app on my iPhone 5S. It also as a stereo width function that makes the music warmer and more livelier and the EQ can either be 5 band parametric or standard 10 band.
I have ordered a pair of Sennheiser HD600 for music production but read one review that said the headphones don't sound good with the stock cable and sound better if a different cable is connected to them. Is this true? Or do the HD600 headphones sound just as good with the stock cable?
I recently bought a pair of Audio Technica CKX9is IEMs and they are very good. The stereo separation is good and wide, the bass is good, tight and punchy but I find the highs a bit piercing but still good. The IEMs are also comfortable and stay firmly in my ears maintaining good sound.
 Haha Sorry about that. I'm having a bad day today so I'm taking everything personal when I know it wasn't meant. I do hear a bit of a difference on the volume after setting the volumelimit to 1.2. Strange how I had to uninstall EU Volume Limit Disabler to get it showing. Anyway thanks for the screenshots. I also edited the EURegionalVolumes archive as well using iFile.
UPDATE I removed EU Volume Limit Disabler from Cydia and now volumelimits and parentalVolumeCappedtoEU have now appeared and I am now able to adjust the EU volume cap to 1.2 so really installing EU Volume Limit Disabler from Cydia isn't really needed and was causing the problems.
 That is not a very nice or friendly quote isn't it. tut tut you lack manners.
On your screenshots thats the same as what I get except "parentalVolumeCappedtoEUvo" and "volumelimits" is missing.
  I am using the iPhone 5S jailbroken running iOS 7.0.6 When I open I see this... volumes dictionary and when I open this I get headphone-hdft-wired Audio/Video - 0.8600000000000000. I changed that to 1.2 but I hear no change in volume. I'm looking forward to your screenshot to see whats going on.
 I installed EU Volume Limit Disabler from Cyda and installed it. I also installed iFile and went to /var/mobile/library/preferences and opened the archive com.celestial.plist% but I cannot find volumelimits/headphone. It seems to be missing. Please advise as I am wanting the EU volume cap on my iPhone 5S uncapped.
I checked for Superloud on the App Store and I see that Superloud Standard and Superloud Essential both priced at £2.99.
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