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I am interested in the HTC One Mini 2 just as a DAP. Does the phone suffer the dreaded EU volume cap? 
That's what I do anyway. I wait for the S model of the iPhone. All the iPhones I own are S models (iPhone 4S and 5S).
Yeah, the strips on the back of the phone really are ugly. In fact the iPhone 6 is ugly and probably the most ugly and non inspiring device Jonathan Ive and Apple have designed IMO which is a shame considering most of Apple's devices that he has worked on are a work of beauty.
I think I'll keep my iPhone 5S for the time being. From what I've read, I'm not really impressed with the iPhone 6. The fact that It's not waterproof, bends easy in the pocket and the the dreaded awful EU volume cap has saved me from buying one. Also, IMO I prefer the design of the iPhone 4/4S/5/5S. Maybe once a jailbreak is released and it's possible to remove the EU volume cap using iFile I'll think about maybe buying an iPhone 6 but not now.
My favourite EQ app at the moment on iOS is EQ10. I really think EQ10 is a great sounding EQ app on my iPhone 5S. It also as a stereo width function that makes the music warmer and more livelier and the EQ can either be 5 band parametric or standard 10 band.
I have ordered a pair of Sennheiser HD600 for music production but read one review that said the headphones don't sound good with the stock cable and sound better if a different cable is connected to them. Is this true? Or do the HD600 headphones sound just as good with the stock cable?
I recently bought a pair of Audio Technica CKX9is IEMs and they are very good. The stereo separation is good and wide, the bass is good, tight and punchy but I find the highs a bit piercing but still good. The IEMs are also comfortable and stay firmly in my ears maintaining good sound.
 Haha Sorry about that. I'm having a bad day today so I'm taking everything personal when I know it wasn't meant. I do hear a bit of a difference on the volume after setting the volumelimit to 1.2. Strange how I had to uninstall EU Volume Limit Disabler to get it showing. Anyway thanks for the screenshots. I also edited the EURegionalVolumes archive as well using iFile.
UPDATE I removed EU Volume Limit Disabler from Cydia and now volumelimits and parentalVolumeCappedtoEU have now appeared and I am now able to adjust the EU volume cap to 1.2 so really installing EU Volume Limit Disabler from Cydia isn't really needed and was causing the problems.
 That is not a very nice or friendly quote isn't it. tut tut you lack manners.
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