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I have started using the Lightning to Headphone adapter all the time on my iPhone 6s Plus. I am glad that the volume on my European iPhone 6s Plus is still uncapped using the adapter and can go loud.
I bought the Lightning to Headphone jack adapter for my iPhone 6S Plus and I am liking the sound quality. IMO the sound has a wider soundstage through the adapter and a slight bit more bass.
Tinnitus and hearing loss. However, what the EU politicians don't understand is that all music isn't recorded at the same volume so some tracks may need the volume higher which is impossible on the EU DAPs and phones.
It's capped at 85db.
What a bummer about the EU volume cap still remaining even with the dongle. It makes me glad I uncapped the dreaded EU volume cap when my iPhone was Jailbroken. It looks like even though the UK got out of the EU through Brexit that us British DAP users are still screwed.
I'm also intrigued whether the Lightning to 3.5mm adapter is not affected by the dreaded EU volume cap. I would test it but I was able to switch off the EU volume cap on my iPhone 6 Plus a couple of years ago when it was jailbroken and surprisingly the EU volume cap is switched off on my non-jailbroken iPhone 6S Plus through using the backup of my old iPhone 6 on iTunes.
I recently bought a secondhand Kubik Evo 8gb MP3 player and this DAP is a mystery. First of all when I go into music settings and select EQ settings according to the manual there are 8 EQ presets in EQ select. However there is only 7 EQ settings with Microsoft Play FX missing. I then go into the Kubik website to see if there is any firmware updates but there is nothing. Have the company closed down?
I am thinking of buying a good smart watch for listening to music while exercising. At the moment I have been using for the last few years an iPod Nano 6G with a Lunatik watch strap and it has been great. However it isn't sweat or water proof and the earphone wires are a bit of a hazard when cycling. I have been looking at the Apple Watch since I own a iPhone 6S Plus and I have been looking at other smart watches but they aren't supported by the iPhone like the Apple...
I was going to buy the Arcam Music Boost but it isn't available for the iPhone 6S Plus.
Since the UK voted to leave the EU does this mean that in 2 years time Sony, Apple and other companies will ship out mobile phones and DAPs to the UK without them been capped with the dreaded EU volume cap?
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