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It never displays album artwork for me, whether it is FLAC, apple lossless, wav. What secret sauce you got?     The most recent eLyric & tagNplay versions have been better, quite enjoyable.
What we need is someone with Beterdynamic Tesla T1 (600 ohm), Sennheiser HD800 (300ohm) and something like Audio Technica WTH5000 (40ohm) and a sound meter to do some measuring. Oh that's me....    
In the UK it looks like Item Audio (http://www.itemaudio.co.uk/diy_components.html) do the OpAmps
I have some hum also. And the thing runs hot, or nearly hot. Don't notice the hum at the start of a listening session or during it, only when I finish up and go to turn things off.
Thanks Markmaxx. I've always been drawn to the Cardas ones more, think it the name or the aura of a more established brand. No sensible reason.
I bought my PX-4s from Craig EC Uthus. Where are people going for balanced cables, I have HD800s?
Markmaxx I'm in Ireland, am not allowed keeps bikes in the house (we get rain), and should wait until amps have at least a few hours on them, it's about half way to the 40hours. I enjoy the whole maturing process. I'm enjoying listening to the BA, maybe it's just the other things (other than the cymbals) are so obviously good. Listening to Kid Charlemagne/Steely Dan the long cymbal notes (those spills every now and again) are dryer(?) on the BA than on the Stax 007. I...
Thing that surprised me about the BA is how warm the baseplate of the power supply gets, apparently it is a heat sink.
Markmaxx, i'm only showing I noticed. I own bikes & a BA as well, & I like both. Only bad part of a BA in June is it's cycling weather. I have a Stax Omega, and the BA/HD800 is more tactile. Though so far the BA seems a bit less crystalline on cymbals. I like both.
Dunno about the Bianchi, but the matching tape is eye-catching.
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