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emailed a few retailers and spoke to Executive Audio here in Toronto and there is no easy/external way to switch the Perfectwave from 110 to 220 and vice versa.
There are some Perfectwave owners here, maybe they can answer a question; is any individual unit switchable between 110 and 220 volts, or are they voltage region specific? There is no switching switching on the back, unlike most other audio gear.
It could be a side effect of setting different volumes levels on the 2 'phones, combined with me being less sensitive to volume below some number of decibels, i.e. maybe I had the volume for the W5000 at a level that worked fine for loud tracks, but shaded below some threshold for softer tracks. The Body Acoustic gets polarised reviews, what do you think? The Cyndi Lauper album of the same name gets more straightforward positives!
Like some people I find the Phonitor's crossfeed effect fairly subtle, though I do leave the center and crossfeed on. One record where the effect is pretty pronounced is Solsbury Hill on Peter Gabriel's 1st album. An album review on peter gabriel: car commented that an extreme panning "technique applied to many of the songs insturments,...listening to Solsbury Hill in audiophile headphones can create a sense of motion sickness". I didn't throw-up, but on...
I can accept that the Sennheiser HEV90 is high-end, but is the HEV90's DAC high-end? wavoman, you probably use the Wadia to feed the HEV90? There should be a prize for the most obscure DAC in captivity.
why all those vents, mine doesn't get tepid even after hours of use
I was listening to a selection of CDs I had just bought. One (Steve Earle & Del McCoury band, The Montain) came across as distinctly lower, Earle's Copperhead Road and others were louder. I didn't keep the level the same, the HD800s take higher power to get the same volume so this was not scientific. It didn't get in the way of enjoying the music, and didn't seem associated with any lack in quality.
Setup is; Wadia 170 - EMU 0404USB - Phonitor. Headphones are HD800s and ATH-W5000. And its all pretty wonderful. I havn't spent time with the crossfeed. The EMU will (probably) go at some stage. The ideal replacement might be an SACD player with a digital input for the onboard DAC that the Wadia could feed for Red Book CDs. Wadia's own 581 does that, but it weighs 25kg. I have noticed that while the HD800s seem to produce similiar sound levels for all tracks, the...
me too, and it is worse if you wearing glasses. Taking off glasses isn't always an option. BTW, wonder will Geddes & Lee buy the P5s, so far their preference is Etymotic; "output transducers used for the study were Etymotic ER-4 MicroPro earphones (Table 2). These earphones are designed to give the most accurate response with normal commercial recordings. They were chosen for their low distortion, natural sound character" Are these subjective or objective...
ephrank, any recommendations on where I should go to get one? brandnames?
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