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Meier have gone a bit quite more recently? Do Burmester and MBL make headphone amps? How could I forget spl..
Thanks for pointer on Violectric, the Lake People tag makes them sound like some hippy US west coast collective!
Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic spring to mind. If there is a culture of headphone appreciation there may also be some good amps. I know of spl, and have seen things written about Cayin and Vincent. Any others worth a look? 
Where did this 5 song limit come from? Why ration recommendations!
When Open Your Ears (Chesky/ came out it had liner notes or some sort sort of listening notes. Could someone provide a link to the notes?
It never displays album artwork for me, whether it is FLAC, apple lossless, wav. What secret sauce you got?     The most recent eLyric & tagNplay versions have been better, quite enjoyable.
What we need is someone with Beterdynamic Tesla T1 (600 ohm), Sennheiser HD800 (300ohm) and something like Audio Technica WTH5000 (40ohm) and a sound meter to do some measuring. Oh that's me....    
In the UK it looks like Item Audio ( do the OpAmps
I have some hum also. And the thing runs hot, or nearly hot. Don't notice the hum at the start of a listening session or during it, only when I finish up and go to turn things off.
Thanks Markmaxx. I've always been drawn to the Cardas ones more, think it the name or the aura of a more established brand. No sensible reason.
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