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Tried attaching a USB mouse & closing the lid. It did wake up the mac but the attached Drobo didn't fully wake-up (it seemed to try but went back to sleep) and the Mac seemed to go back to sleep when the Drobo did.
Soundman;   I will try plugging in a keyboard or mouse, thanks. If Salon goes to the trouble of writing an article on this it is an real issue.  Dr Webster, have you tried nosleep-extension. Cheaper & less space intensive than a keyboard.
This evening I started to use my MacBook to feed a DAC. since I am using the Apple Remote app I didn't think I needed the lid open, but it turns out that closing the lid puts he laptop into some sort f power save mde, in which condition it won't play music. Is there a way of stopping the behaviour in Macs? i could just leave the laptop open, but closing it is a bit neater, avoids dust.
I have re-registered, I can go into My PS and edit my details, my PWD shows up there. Is there some extra step along the way, linking or enabling forum posts?  
How do I log onto the forums?   Trying here because...I cannot submit posts to the psaudio site.   - I log in, "Welcome," my username, "Logout" appear in the top left. - I navigate to Support/Community forums, or to Resources/Community, navigate to the topic I want to contribute to, click "Add a comment", - and see a dialogue box which asks for username/password. When I re-enter my login I get sorry no account with that...
Help me out here (this is a question I emailed in, but I'll try again).   If I am an SR-009 user, should I have a preferance between Aristaeus or Blue Hawaii? If the difference is down to relatively minor things then quicker delivery would be attractive. Best thing would be to go listen, but Canjam isn't convenient.
Aristaeus or Blue Hawaii; minor god or island paradise, highly regarded sonics or occasionally referred to, early 2012 delivery or....eventually. So which is it to be?
Meier have gone a bit quite more recently? Do Burmester and MBL make headphone amps? How could I forget spl..
Thanks for pointer on Violectric, the Lake People tag makes them sound like some hippy US west coast collective!
Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic spring to mind. If there is a culture of headphone appreciation there may also be some good amps. I know of spl, and have seen things written about Cayin and Vincent. Any others worth a look? 
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