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A key part of speaker testing is the knuckle rap. Joke; no reason the same method shouldn't apply to DACs, cables, tonearms.
You have to be careful with the auditioing choices. I used some favourite tracks to test equipment a while back, and now would prefer not to listen to those pieces. I still like them but got over-exposed. There is something to be said for a bunch of test tracks where is there no emotional contamination. On the other side picking tracks you respect but don't like (?) makes the auditioning more like work. I can see how professionals would have their "stuff I like" and...
Any more of this enthusiasm and we will have to start a Blue Hawaii GreenPinkTeal Special Edition forum. Should have read; Any more of this faceplate nonsense and we shall have to start a; Headamp PinkTeal Hawaii Special Edition
Saw some figures from an analyst a while ago, all ipod sales have fallen to nominal levels for Apple as a whole, they may still be profitable, but low importance.   On capacity, don't think they have changed in yonks? I know I've seen hacks about getting much bigger drives in (so technically not a big deal), but Apple havn't revisited the product in years.
Pelican? No way! You gotta go with Stormcase. Or at least you did until Pelican bought, not sure if the quality has changed.   Apparently the "truck driving over a case" demonstration is more show than substance.
Odd reaction to think of price gouging first;   Some of the ones I've noticed; Abbingdon Music Research DP-77 (?)   EUR3600      "two separate DACs; a HD 32-Bit DAC and a Classic 16-Bit DAC " Anedio D2 DAC USB1500    ESS Technology ES9018 Sabre Reference 32-bit DAC Antelope Audio Zodiac    EUR1,600-EUR3,000 April Music Eximus DP1   USD3200   TI PCM1794A Arcam R33 "only" stg2000 "2x Burr Brown 24-bit 192kHz Advanced Segment Delta-Sigma" ATOLL DAC200 ...
Reading Stereophile, browsing computeraudiophile and digitalaudioblog I'm struck by the number of high end DACs appearing out there in the 2,000 to 7,000 price range. There appears to be a huge range and choice, though I wonder if there are too many for specialist retailers and agents to handle, much less potential buyers to audition.
Think I will try bitperfect, my drobo can be noisy at times.
I am revising my opinion of nosleep. When it is turned on with the lid closed the fan seems to run all the time. Having the lid closed, the processor on ful, with the fan on means the machine gets warm, istat nano says the CPU is upto 80c. So I think it is back to no nosleep and just leave the lid 1-2cm open.
DrWebster nosleep-extension has done the trick. Didn't get a chance to try insomniax.   thanks
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