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I'm getting the same problem. The optical port seems so recessed within the casing that the optical connectors i have are not clicking and i am getting no connection.
DSD seems to rank pretty lowly.
This is the wrong time of year to do that taunty tempting jokey thing. Like you are joking, uh?
Nothing wrong with waiting for something. Think the problem can be that the best/only source of information is this website. The best source should be the website that the original order was made on, and the update could be as little as "Current likely delivery date: Oct 2017". Think the iFruit website flags 2-4 weeks and people like B&HPhoto list things as "Expected in stock Feb 2014".No need to let this deteriorate into a bashing forum.
 "think deposit was a full payment" THERE IS MORE TO PAY!?! Humour. I'm good for my balance. Except late on Fridays
+1 It is fair that Justin can take the appropriate time, and no-one will forgive him if he does not. In an era of traceable shipments it is jarring to find something that is quite so, quiet. Think part of mjbok's problem is that unless you read this forum on head-fi, page by page, there is little source of confirmation that the project is still live. By inference you can work out "if I ordered in late 2012, then I am in the right part of the queue", but nothing confirmed....
ka boom tish   Thnak you
YoYou probably mean North Central & Eastern Europe
"I find tube rolling with the BHSE to be very difficult. I think the only real way your can get an accurate feeling for what the differences are is to have two BHSE going at the same time"   Either this says it is too close to call, so stop worrying...or you need a pair of matched BHSEs, with matched tubes. Colour code those BHSEs, the cooler (sound) with a blue front plate, the silver plate for the one with harder sound.
"my PX4s, that the left tube itself emits an audible pinging sound for the first 5 minutes or so, during warm up."   I emailed Craig about this, and the explanation was that tubes can be microphonic, and the pinging is the amplified sound of the heat expansion of some of the parts! Guess it is why "thermal cycling" (turning them on & off, they heat-up expand, cool down contract) reduces the life of tubes.
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