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Not sure why the excitement here. We have been waiting for the "170" DAC, wasn't it going to be called the 121? Instead we get iPhone ability, and a "new" remote. Big deal.
pThey have some details on their website, no price though. It plays iPhones , and seems bigger, other than that I have no idea.
After all this no-one will admit to just leaving them lying around (that's the real reason that burglar wouldn't touch them). How do you protect them? back in the box after every listen? I have been trying to buy the CPC1 and HPS1, but they are tricky to find, at least in Ireland and on-line in the UK. Suggestions?
"Many of the tracks which were originally recorded for Smile eventually found their way onto subsequent Beach Boys albums."
This is from an email from Craig "The power supply has a meter, and voltage adjust. You turn the voltage adjust to read 4V, or 5V. The only burden on you is to remember which tube you are using." so looks like he has made it standard
Some of the amps with a great crossfeed function show up the headphone vs loudspeaker behaviour. On the SPL Phonitor thread we were looking at; Peter Gabriel Solsbury Hill; seasick making on headphones, just wobbly on speakers/crossfeed The Body Acoustic; Mintzer, Hidalgo, Gonzalez, Chesky, Brecker; unlistenable on headphones, interesting on speakers/crossfeed
Wadia reply makes sense, though it's a pity. what are you using to listen now?
There are 2 Apple remotes, one for things like Apple TV, which you could use in place of a Wadia+iPod; the other remote is the app for the iPhone/iTouch works via wifi. You could sue the second to control a laptop feeding a DAC, again instead of a Wadia+iPod. I think thats the 2 uses? Again welcome to head-fi. Warning, you should be ok with the dynamic crowd, just be careful about those Stax guys, they get pretty spiritual about their headphones.
"but not add unnecessary file size"..."I don’t really care how big the files get". Not sure here. All lossless formats (and FLAC & AIFF) should be ...lossless and CD quality. I am not an expert, but Apple and FLAC use some compression, AIFF and WAV don't. Apple may be the most efficient sizewise, but will require the CPU to do more work when un-compressing. Apple is proprietary, so they could change some standard on you at some stage in the future. Don't think iPods...
There are a few people here with QNAP NAS, anybody tried the NMP 100? I don't know the details, but it seems to have an S/PDIF output.
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