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THIS IS TONGUE IN CHEEK   Maybe someone could help where Google Translate could not. When Justin says "about a week", what does that mean?
DAC rolling, easier than tube but more expensive. & a lot less retro cool.
You have done something odd with those links. Whatever was intended they actually to head-fi pages. Looks like your second is to this page; This page is probably the best source; It lists 4 SR009 of which the KGSS sample looks different, the other 3 seem similiar?
I posted it on on this thread's good looking and happy sibling "The Best audiophile tracks to test equipment" & its worth repeating here. With a combination of something like Qobuz and something like Sonos you can call all these excellent recommendations and listen from the comfort of your own listening chair. Yesterday I had a happy day working through -The Best audiophile tracks to test equipment-. Today I have struggled through a series of Worst recorded/Mastered...
Stuck at home with some winter flu/cold/bug thing. Which means sleep interspersed with listening.   Got a Qobuz subscription recently and having good fun listening to albums I wouldn't otherwise sample. The marketing spin is that it is CD quality, which potentially means 2 or more people could share recommendations & listen to the same file in pretty much real time.   All that out of the way; Ballake Sissoko 's album At Peace features a track Maimouna which is worth a...
Not an expert; the seller seems to get reasonable prices on many units, they are 20+ year old units, the photos weren't great.
I think you can do better than the basic Pelican case;
The material for the blacks is not pure aluminium, Justin was explaining it is some sort of military surplus (aluminium-based) composite that converts excess noise into electrical energy. Surplus from stealth aircraft? Apparently some sort of radar damping material. Thus the black paneled units need heavier duty grounding to dissipate that energy. One of the side effects is that location services on iPhones become less accurate in the vicinity of the black BHSE. Justin...
A soon to be released alternative in the "most Gb for least grams, in a convenient package"...the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 3 seems to have options to come with 512Gb SSD & weigh 800g. For comparison, an iPad Air comes in at 470g. Once you get to those sizes and form factors they stop being walkable, but are transportable.
Ain't it just so true.Think it often happens that the small US manufacturer appoints a distributor in each territory, & because each territory is a country the sales won't be huge and the € or £ profit per unit needs to be big enough to make a difference. For me it really hurts when a manufacturer sells direct in the US Canada & then appoints distributors elsewhere. Res
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