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Investigated my own question. Bought & downloaded a dsf album. Tried add folder to library and iTunes did precisely nothing. Presumably if it doesnt recognise the filetype it ignores it. Oh well, just have to work on my file housekeeping.
Setamp, your location could also read ...Pittsburgh? The benefits of the umbilical are lower noise floor (through shielding?), is that what you found?
I originally used iTunes to manage my music library and it worked. Over the last while I've purchased formats that iTunes won't play (DSD, higher sampling rates), and I put all of those in a separate set of folders. I use JRiver to play those files. That worked as long as there was a modest collection of files. Now the stuff-iTunes-won't-play is getting big & messy. Sticking it all into iTunes would simplify the database management. The question is, will iTunes do...
It is a nice amp. I have been using it with LCD 3 recently, different to the 009 but good.   Anybody tried the aftermarket umbilical cords? Cables are a divisive issue, are replacement umbilicals...more divisive?
Nice. It is a relativistic rather than absolute quantity. Had been wondering if he worked off US standard or metric,
THIS IS TONGUE IN CHEEK   Maybe someone could help where Google Translate could not. When Justin says "about a week", what does that mean?
DAC rolling, easier than tube but more expensive. & a lot less retro cool.
You have done something odd with those links. Whatever was intended they actually to head-fi pages. Looks like your second is to this page;http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/stax-mafia-makes-unrefusable-offer-and-i-begin-electrostatic-headphone-measurement-program This page is probably the best source;http://www.innerfidelity.com/headphone-data-sheet-downloads It lists 4 SR009 of which the KGSS sample looks different, the other 3 seem similiar?
I posted it on on this thread's good looking and happy sibling "The Best audiophile tracks to test equipment" & its worth repeating here. With a combination of something like Qobuz and something like Sonos you can call all these excellent recommendations and listen from the comfort of your own listening chair. Yesterday I had a happy day working through -The Best audiophile tracks to test equipment-. Today I have struggled through a series of Worst recorded/Mastered...
Stuck at home with some winter flu/cold/bug thing. Which means sleep interspersed with listening.   Got a Qobuz subscription recently and having good fun listening to albums I wouldn't otherwise sample. The marketing spin is that it is CD quality, which potentially means 2 or more people could share recommendations & listen to the same file in pretty much real time.   All that out of the way; Ballake Sissoko 's album At Peace features a track Maimouna which is worth a...
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