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This website has plenty of discussion on good sound vs enjoyable sound, with this forum being a bit more oriented to "good" sound. Before someone gets into discussing immaculate recordings of appalling acoustics and vice versa....   ...the current version of the New Scientist website has an article titled "Reverb: Why we dig messy sound" 29 December 2014 by Trevor Cox, Magazine issue 3000.  Subscription...
 You went for a wide VTI, the BLG503? Their website isnt pretty, but your photo looks clean. Once you have 2+ warm amps & their PSUs you need to go wide. At one stage I was looking at a Box Furniture unit, but the UK dealer never got back to me. I ended buying a nice HiFiRack Podium Reference in a wide (780mm) size. A chunky piece, it is solid, looks well, and with 5 shelves it holds most things; multiple amps, 2x DAC, and a couple of headphone stands.
My memory is iPods & most small mobile players have low output. Usually they are feeding more efficient IEMs rather than big open headphones. My PSAudio puts out upto 2.5volts, iPod might be no more than 1.
Did I read something about the principal of KR Tubes...retiring perhaps dying? There are very few PX4s for sale out there from any of the valve sellers.
farrel, you're not the only one in the "going on the final burn-in rack and will ship in about a week" camp. Do you have the saying "misery loves company"?
immtbiker, you were one of the early contributors on this thread. Electrostatics seems to be a more tricky technology to get right than some others. Amps are relatively easier, so lots of choices from small producers. Being brave on new objects takes more time than I have.
 I've seen Hifiman, and noticed the link. At a distance it is not easy to see exactly what is happening. Wasn't sure if the two were the same thing or different but associated.
I'm curious, what's become of HEAudio. Reading scraps on websites it seems like they went quietly out of business?
I have 2 pairs CIEM, both arrived as scheduled, neither needed re-fitting. As for re-sake anything custom is, custom.
I'm wondering if he operates in a Bose-Einstein condensate world. "In 1999, Danish physicist Lene Hau led a team from Harvard University which slowed a beam of light to about 17 meters per second.[clarification needed], using a superfluid."If light travels slowly presumably time does also.
New Posts  All Forums: