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I got a shipping notice. I feel...strange.
July 2012
Don't (yet) know how the BHSE runs, but the power supply of the Eddie Current Balancing Act gets pretty warm, verging on hot. The valves on the amp are prominent enough that it would be difficult to enclose that part. The power supply is a neat box, has no visible, pretty glowing bits or switches, and the temptation would be to hide it away. There are "two 6X4 rectifier tubes" in the power supply of the BA.
Interesting to see what would happen if people were given a choice between: no compression/better mastering, or 2x DSD of 128k 24bit FLAC, which way they would jump.
Too true. I used be on a photography group where definitions of "travel camera" ranged from really compact to 8x10 rigs. Even a light field camera (say a Linhof Technika) comes in at 3kg, before film, tripod, bag, lens, meter....
I must have an earlier BA, mine has "B" and an implied "A". The B is down. And a handwritten message in Tip-Ex (Wite-Out for americans) that looks like "16" or "1b". Hopefully someone will produce PX4s around the time mine wear out so I don't have to guess which "B" is.
Californication Gets lots of abuse over in "Worst recorded/Mastered Albums" on account of compression, where did it all go wrong!
Just to report, I got the "white light of DSD" with modest effort using my MS Surface Pro 3. Used JRiver as a client for music on my NAS and was able to play 2x DSD with no drama.  I used USB.
Good point. Now that you mention it a lot of DACs put out a lot more than 2V. A PSAudio outputs 2.8v which is a bit hot for some amps, I run it at 75%.
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