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My T1 sound fine. I just noticed this evening that one of the grills seems to be at an angle, like as if it had rotated a little clockwise. The grill seems to be pretty solidly in place, and may have been in this position for some time. Any suggestions or comment So? And this should be in the Beyerdynamic T1 forum.
"it's hard to fit that hard plastic rubber core around it. "   I just pushed the hard core out, I did it slowly so not much of the foam came away. Not sure I will get "hack of the month", but it did the trick.
Has anyone tried the Comply foam with the SR002? The OEM partner list is...comprehensive, I don't think I have heard of even half of those.
Curious, I get the odd UPS behaviour also. My version is that I get an email from the UPS saying it will shut down in 5 mins, and then an email that the shutdown is cancelled within 10-20 secs. A power regenerator on another socket restarted twice in quick succession, but since I moved a Mac desktop away from it there has been no problem. The desktop used to be on the same circuit as the UPS, I moved it to the regenerator (because it was my primary music source).  Devices...
Problem is I like that Iggy Pop material. Until you commented I just assumed that was the cheap & nasty low rent punk effect they were looking for. I tolerate a lot if the song does it for me. Just listening to it now and it sounds as if 4 people recorded their instrumental bits and it was all then played back on different speakers randomly thrown in a room with Iggy singing over them. A bit like it two kids were using random cheap boom boxes to hack some sort of karaoke....
Are we there yet
with a Directstream, it is awesomely sweet. Or sweetly awesome. Steaming through the PSAudio Bridge or a Sonos (uncompressed) both work well.
If Ireland is far...it doesn't look like customs went anywhere near my box. It also went through the FedEx system pretty promptly.
I'm not into the whole unboxing porn, so there won't be any more on this. But I am pleased to see this arrive, I'll confess to getting a touch uneasy. The photo is upside down, Apple doesn't "just work". ~
I got a shipping notice. I feel...strange.
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