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.Yes, I commented on this when I received my production pair. The betas head pad was just a little too big, and the the head pad on the production versions is way to small. The pics blownaway posted really sums it up. Hifiman didn't just shorten the head pad, they pretty much took a hatchet to it. There's really no middle ground. I think what they did with the 560s were pretty much perfect, I wish they would have did the same with the hek head pad.
I think instead of making it a few ticks smaller, he went way overboard. With the beta, I used next to the smallest setting. Now it's maxed out, it's like he skipped all of the settings in between. He should have just made it the size of the one on the he560. The first headband was for large heads, and now the current one is for small heads. He should have shortened it to just make it a few tics smaller instead of making it drastically smaller.
It's also been stated that the manufacturing tolerances were tighten up. This could also have something to do with it as well. For me, I would say it's not the headband, as I would probably be one of the few who wish they had the older headband. The new strap is a little on the small side for me and puts a lot of pressure on top of my head. 
Summer gave me a return call last Tuesday when I called the previous week incurring when the production version will be shipped out(she was on vacation). She told me they would either be shipped later that day or tomorrow. Two days later they showed up at my front door. So a total of 10 days from the time I shipped the betas back and the time I received the production version from China. They definitely deserve a lot of credit for customer service. But like a couple of...
I  completely agree. The artificial sounding soundstage is what put me off the most with the hd800(even more than the harshness in the lower treble). But everyone has certain things they look for, so it's good there are many interpretations of soundstage with high end cans. The hd800 soundstage just isn't the one for me. 
So you were using the iphone 5 for the source of all of your testing?
They are variable gain controls for each channel and not volume controls. The spec 2 is a stand alone power amp and has no preamp built in. If I'm not mistaken, I think he's using the spec 2 power amp speaker taps for his he6. If that's the case he's fine in what he's doing. Actually better because you are separating the preamp from the power amp which is different from headphone amps that has both in one chasis. For most cans the spec 1 has it's own headphone out, and in...
And there is. I knew it. Well you can have at it. I'm done.
Quote: Nobody said that. No one said his amps were bad. You are now drawing your own conclusions, and twisting words.  Show me were someone said his amps were bad. Show me where someone said he wasn't hearing  his he-1000 right. I was pointing out his budget amps wasn't going to give him what they were "fully" capable of. I've said several times that one of the things I like about them is the fact they do sound good on budget and even portable amps. And , they also scale...
Uh oh. Someone here may take issue with that amp bringing that kind of improvement.  But seriously, congrats.
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