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I  completely agree. The artificial sounding soundstage is what put me off the most with the hd800(even more than the harshness in the lower treble). But everyone has certain things they look for, so it's good there are many interpretations of soundstage with high end cans. The hd800 soundstage just isn't the one for me. 
So you were using the iphone 5 for the source of all of your testing?
They are variable gain controls for each channel and not volume controls. The spec 2 is a stand alone power amp and has no preamp built in. If I'm not mistaken, I think he's using the spec 2 power amp speaker taps for his he6. If that's the case he's fine in what he's doing. Actually better because you are separating the preamp from the power amp which is different from headphone amps that has both in one chasis. For most cans the spec 1 has it's own headphone out, and in...
And there is. I knew it. Well you can have at it. I'm done.
Quote: Nobody said that. No one said his amps were bad. You are now drawing your own conclusions, and twisting words.  Show me were someone said his amps were bad. Show me where someone said he wasn't hearing  his he-1000 right. I was pointing out his budget amps wasn't going to give him what they were "fully" capable of. I've said several times that one of the things I like about them is the fact they do sound good on budget and even portable amps. And , they also scale...
Uh oh. Someone here may take issue with that amp bringing that kind of improvement.  But seriously, congrats.
Seeing your response and how it seems you have an agenda of some sorts, I'm not going even attempt to start a senseless debate with you. Lets just leave at everybody who thinks amps of the same wattage  sounds different depending on the design, layout and parts used are dead wrong, and are fooling themselves. And people like you are right.
The A-100 is again a budget amp. There are two things required to properly drive any transducer. one is meeting the power demand, and the other is meeting the quality demand. With less resolving speakers or headphones, the difference between a budget to midfi amp might not even be discernable. And going to a high end amp will bring improvements, but nothing like using high end speakers or headphones. Lower end transducers usually are not resolving enough to justify the...
 They will only get better. :-) A lot of that have to do with the amp you are using. It is a nice thing that they can sound good out of a budget amp. But given my experience with the several amps I've tried, no way are you getting close to hitting the ceiling with that setup. I think the O2 is a very good value amp for the price. But it's not close to giving the he1000 what they need to hit their full potential.
Wow, very nice find. It should clean up nicely. The layout is pretty clean, so it shouldn't be to hard to work on.
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