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Looks like it. 
Terrific condition for age. Aftermarket pads like-new.    This is a normal-bias earspeaker.   Will post world-wide at cost, but beware that I don't under-declare for customs.   Cheers!
Ordered! Thanks Gary. I hope the Cyclops wakes up my 650. Cheers!
Thanks Gary. I now need a balanced cable for the 650.
Gary, how much volume dial movement do you get on the Cyclops when using the HD650?
Not sure if it has been posted here before, but I found a great leather case for the AK120 locally for only $10. The only problem is that the manufacturer may have stopped producing it recently (thought it may still be sitting neglected on retailers' shelves). It's the Tamrac Topanga Case 3 for ultra-compact cameras (model...
Arnaud, did you use the HA-1's USB input? I felt the same re the HF sizzle, but after switching in a Sonicweld Diverter, the sizzle disappeared. I think a good good usb-spdif converter is 'needed'.
It's understandable when you hear the two phones against each other. I think the Oppo's roll-off disguises the sound of ambience as blackness. It really is an inky background where sounds come out of the void with beautiful musicality; whereas with the LCD3 you're far more aware of the recording space and low-level background noises in the recording/recording venue.
Had a decent demo of the PM-1 today against the LCD-3 (non-fazor). The audio chain was: Macbook - Sonicweld Diverter - Oppo HA-1 DAC/Amp.   Briefly, the PM-1 was impressive. We could only run it single ended from the HA-1, whereas the LCD-3 went into the balanced output.   In this setup, the LCD-3 was technically superior: it had better/cleaner instrument separation, wider soundstaging, cleaner bass, more extended treble and basically more detail.   The PM-1 however...
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