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There's a Jaben in the city, so very close to Melb Uni. It's good for headphones, but pretty scarce for desktop amps and DACs. Addicted to Audio has you covered there.
These came from one of the original series full Magnum headphones, which I had changed to the V4 a couple of years ago. Never got to hear them (the V1 drivers), unfortunately.   $20 international shipping; $8 local.   Paypal accepted.   Cheers!!!
About $6.5k down here :-)   I'm of course only guessing that, at three times the price of the Hugo, it might offer superior sound quality.
I wonder how the new Hugho TT will compare. 
Item: Sonicweld Diverter 24/96 (black and silver colour)   Location: Brighton VIC (Australia)   Price: $800 plus shipping (at cost)   Item Condition: Very good   Reason for selling: No longer needed   Payment Method: Cash, direct deposit, Paypal (+4%)   Extra Info: This has been my favourite piece of gear for over a year now, and the best transport I've ever owned by a good margin. Said to beat a fully decked out Offramp. Great clarity, liquidity and full bottom end....
Item: Hegel H80 Integrated Amp/DAC  Location: Brighton VIC Australia Price: $1100  Item Condition: Like new, except for snapped volume knob  Reason for selling: No longer required  Payment Method: Pickup - Cash / COD / Paypal / Bank Deposit  Extra Info:    This H80 is near new. The previous owner claimed 20 hours on it. It was purchased by me from a seller on Gumtree, arrived and, to my disgust, the volume knob had snapped off in transit. I didn't insure the parcel, so...
Item: Stax SR Lambda, SR-6SB transformer and 5m extension lead Location:Brighton/Melbourne VIC Price: $450 Item Condition: three-quarters new looking (very good for its age). Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Methods: Direct Deposit, Cash, Paypal (+3%) Extra Info: Pickup or Post at cost (world-wide)   This Lambda is in astonishingly good condition and works perfectly. The pads are near new. The SR-6 is in very good nic for its age, but shows some...
If you own an Audeze headphone or the HE6, you may wish to consider driving your headphones from this amplifier. I used it happily with my LCD3 (Classic) and think it was at least the equal (and probably the superior) of the DNA Stratus I used to own.   Obviously it is a speaker amp (110wpc), and has received excellent reviews as such; but it is simply awesome with the right headphones.   It is very 'bare bones', with only one set of analogue inputs, uber high-quality...
Selling my original AK120.   Superb sound (IMO better than the Mk2), excellent cosmetic condition and perfect working order.   Will post at cost.   Direct deposit, cash or Paypal (+3%).   Please note that I don't under-declare for customs purposes, or accept Paypal 'gift'.   Cheers,   Dave   PS Haven't taken any photos, but can do so if you really need to see it. There may be a few tiny marks, but it is essentially 'like new'.
Reluctant sale of my Kaiser 10.   Under Noble's Ownership Transfer Service, you can have these refitted for $250 USD, which makes them a bargain for Aussie buyers.   Direct deposit or cash payment. Paypal add 4%.   Will post at cost.   NB hate to be a stick-in-the-mud, but will not under-declare for overseas customs.
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