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Not sure if it has been posted here before, but I found a great leather case for the AK120 locally for only $10. The only problem is that the manufacturer may have stopped producing it recently (thought it may still be sitting neglected on retailers' shelves). It's the Tamrac Topanga Case 3 for ultra-compact cameras (model...
Arnaud, did you use the HA-1's USB input? I felt the same re the HF sizzle, but after switching in a Sonicweld Diverter, the sizzle disappeared. I think a good good usb-spdif converter is 'needed'.
It's understandable when you hear the two phones against each other. I think the Oppo's roll-off disguises the sound of ambience as blackness. It really is an inky background where sounds come out of the void with beautiful musicality; whereas with the LCD3 you're far more aware of the recording space and low-level background noises in the recording/recording venue.
Had a decent demo of the PM-1 today against the LCD-3 (non-fazor). The audio chain was: Macbook - Sonicweld Diverter - Oppo HA-1 DAC/Amp.   Briefly, the PM-1 was impressive. We could only run it single ended from the HA-1, whereas the LCD-3 went into the balanced output.   In this setup, the LCD-3 was technically superior: it had better/cleaner instrument separation, wider soundstaging, cleaner bass, more extended treble and basically more detail.   The PM-1 however...
Nice price
December 2013 set, with a 261 serial number. Non-fazor.   This was a replacement set shipped to me by the guys at Audeze, and which I received on Jan 1st, 2014. Sonically and visually they are the best Audeze cans I've seen. They have had mild use in their 3.5-month existence and are in near mint condition. No scratches, dents or nics.   Comes with the plastic travel case, single-ended and balanced Audeze cables, frequency chart and warranty card dated December 2013....
Nice one Jo.
Prepo,   I friend of mine has the 777, and reckons its usb implementation is superior to the Sonicweld Diverter (non-HR) he had (and consequently sold); which is saying a lot as the Diverter is simply awesome.
 Have never owned the Taurus, but only demo'd it twice with the 3, and in my opinion it is a poor match.
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