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  Awesome, which keyboard is that?
I guess I'll have to try it out dude, It isn't a SO expensive phone, so if I screw it up, I'll be able to go for another, and the new edition comes with a better cable as it seems. From the pulling apart the iem, the two pieces already came apart by usage, I've used wonderglue in ano to get it fixed, but the another is still open, so I think it won't gonna be a pain to open the other wonderglued, gotta try (: For the clear tube that comes with the westone, do you...
    Didn't know that, since the majority of posts about recable are about full size phones, I think I've misjudge the difficult about doing this haha. Anyway, since my cable broke near the earpiece, I think I'll do like this: - Cut the cable from inside the piece before the soldering in the driver; - Take the cable out and make my own cable; - Solder my cable to the copper that is already soldered in the driver.   Do you think this is the best idea to do? I'm a first...
I'm willing to make a cable for my HiFiMAN RE0. I'm thinking about two 26 awg copper (gonna try to find silver plated) cables twisted for each piece (ground and signal), is that good? Also I was thinking in improving the over the ear method of the phone placing one of that flexible clear tubes that westone cables have, the problem is, I don't know what the tube is made, where to buy, etc. Do anyone know anything about that?   Thanks a bunch (:
I'm not trying to get some discussion going on here, but I prefer my vinyls over any digital version I've ever heard, I have some vinyls in particular that are so much superior (deep and warm) than the CD version that is like a crime to the music haha
Hey so I can upgrade my stock tubes with any EF95 family tube? Like the voshkod?
So I've just bought a DT880/600 and a Grado SR225. I've got to be honest, for rock, grado have a delicious sound, in no time it begins to be more and more iritating to my ears, and the confort is horrible, my ears ache like hell. Anyway, I'm keeping the DT880/600 since I'm willing to make a good home sound with a tube amp and a dac, I already have the uDac 2 and a bravo audio v2 tube amp, and I was wondering, since there's so much tube rolling for tube amps, there's...
It is an awesome thread indeed, gotta love this forum (:  
Remember that only the first models count (SCPH 100x), the ones that have the composite plugs on the back.  
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