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Let me know if you have a set available.   Best, Jim
Woo audio WEE in excellent condition, includes the original box. No fee for PayPal, I ship worldwide at buyers expense. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. The sale is FOB Washington, DC. Local pickup welcome.
Found, thanks.
Please contact if you have one available.  Thanks!
Hello All:   Moving and selling, my DC apartment will not be very large, and so...   For sale, a true curiosity, and also a quite nice CD Player:   Stax Quattro + a replacement lens new in the box! (try to find another one, I dare you).   The first digital source created by Takeshi Hayashi for Stax, circa 1986.  It cost $3500 in 1986.  Adjust that for inflation, might be interesting.   It's a funny unit - Stax built a DAC and then attached it to the...
Hello All:   Moving, liquidating stuff, etc.   For sale, my longstanding backup (sometimes primary) source, for many years:   Monica! 2 ! USB ! wow!   It comes with a really, very ugly Twisted Pear Audio power supply I built, and then installed in a cardboard box.  It's worked for many years!  The power supply alone was $60 in parts.  Monica was $250, I think.  All yours for the meagre sum of $120! (!)   Please see photos.   This is a tremendously...
Hello all:   For sale are the headphones I have owned the longest, the start of the madness, the original, if you will.   I'm moving and clearing space.   Grado SR-60 for sale!   See the pics.  Some paint is not perfect on the lettering, the pads have some indents from the cable lying against the foam, quite usable, otherwise very nice, considering age.   shipping at cost, will be cheap, paypal please add 3%.     I'm selling a bunch of other...
Hello:   For sale:   7x Golden Dragon 12ax7   Upgraded to NOS tubes for my linestage.  lowish hours, and these last forever.  Maybe 1000 hours?   $10 per tube, $16 for a pair, $50 for all 7   Shipping at cost, paypal please add 3%.   Please see my feedback!   Thanks.
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