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Looking for a Berning Micro-ZOTL, the original version.  Thanks!
For your consideration, my Stax SRD-7 Pro transformer adapter.  Flawless function, 6/10 cosmetic condition.  Please see the attached photos.   I am located in Washington, D.C. and happy to ship worldwide at cost, FOB Washington, D.C.    Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or to make an offer.   Thank you.
Hello,   My Headamp KGSS is for sale.  Is it is good cosmetic condition (see photos), rated 7/10 on the audiogon scale, conservatively.   It functions flawlessly.  Dual DACT attenuators.   Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or to make an offer.  I ship worldwide FOB Washington, DC, at buyer's expense. Local pickup welcome at a discount.   I need to clear space soo so must sell.   No fees for paypal.   Best, Jim
I just received a reply by PM so we will see where this goes once the package arrives tomorrow.   It was all just very unnerving as the only time I've ever had  a paypal claim filed against me was a "not as described" scam when i sold my iPhone on eBay.  It's not a nice thing to wake up to.   Hopefully it's just a lesson for both of us (and anyone reading this) on setting expectations and communicating appropriately -- keeping in mind that we're all just hobbyists...
*** Updated: Headphones arrived and paypal claim was withdrawn.  All is well, miscommunication resolved. ***       Hi all,   I've been a member of these forums for 10 years (always as a lurker . . . antisocial :) ), and like many of us have sold and traded gear in the classifieds from time to time. Until today, experience has been wonderful, and I have never had a problem with any members.     However, I recently sold a pair of Stax Omega 2 to a member with...
Hello,   I am selling a nice Omega 2 (SZ1 Serial number / Mark 1 version).  I am asking $1450 plus shipping and paypal.  The sale is FOB Washington, DC and local pickup is welcome (you can come hear my Altecs and Shindo too).   The sale includes the flight carrying case, but no manual.  The headphones are in excellent condition (please see photos), and sound terrific on my KGSS.  The flight case is in mediocre condition -- plenty of scratches.  Please see...
Still looking.
hello, Looking for a DT 880 600. Best, Jim
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