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    Thanks you so much for this.  I love this album so much and wouldn't have found it without you.  :D
The item is sold.  Sorry for not updating this sooner.
Alright, it's still available.  I'm really not looking to be low balled here.  It's a $200 piece of equipment that I'm selling for $75 shipped.  I won't consider less, please don't offer.
All PM's Replied.  Had something going, but it fell through.  I'd like to keep it domestic for the time being.  If it's still around next week or so, then I'll consider going internationally.
I had used a piece of duct tape over the hole from Day 1, so there's been no dust build up in the item outside of what can get through the small vent holes on the side.  I simply took it off for the pictures to illustrate what I meant by the hole.
How does this do with EMI interference?  My biggest complaint with my current Styleaudio product is that it can pick up EMI pretty easily, with my phone on the other side of the desk it's definitely present (I often have to throw my phone on my bed to get rid of it).  Otherwise, it looks like a good step up for me, so I'm curious.
The size has nothing to do with it, you know that right? It's about native resolution.  That's why the 30's where so expensive.  Also, the cheap acer and asus's are pretty crappy when considering that IPS in the same resolution can be had for just a bit more.  If I hadn't been tied to bestbuy for my most recent monitor purchase (long story) I'd have gone for this ($310 as of this post, and it hovers around there on amazon).   Also, that thing on black friday is the way to...
Great price on a great DAC.  It's deals like these that I wish were around when I started out.
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