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(Update) Added photo
Selling Westone 4 quick because I need the money for living costs (am a student).   I had traded my ck100's for the W4's from i2ehan on August/September last year. I didnt get any reciept from him and I'm not sure if there is any warrenty left. However I would like to say that the W4's are in great shape, I have only used them outside 2-3 times and it has been sitting in my drawer for the past few months. (EDIT) Have found all the tips and accessories. Only the...
Does anyone know how the d-zero pairs up with iPhone 4s and westone 4? Thanks
Does anyone know if you can instal voodo on the s3?
Hi I am looking for headphones that are similar to the westone 4. Not planing to buy an amp atm. Thanks
Is there any differences in the lows between the hd650 and the hd600? Thanks
The hd650 will get much more comfortable over time, if you want to break it in faster try putting the heaphones clamped to an object roughly the same size as your head for a few days.
Sorry if this was asked before. Can anyone suggest any amps for the w4's? Around 100-200 seems like a nice pricepoint.
Westone 4's are pretty nice.
Thanks for the link. I am considering more options other than the re252's to replace my W4's now. Anyone know of something they felt was similar to the re252's?
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