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You should also be aware of fact that the player can decode 24/96 files, but can only output at 44,1. Or so I heard. Despite of this, I like the sound very much... so no complains.  
No, it shouln't be able to do that. Hardware limitations. 96/24 is possible. If you really want to listen to that album, you'll have to down-convert it to 96/24. As far as I know... At least this is the case with my HM-602.  
Hi,   generally it's agreed that HM-801 can play 24/96 without any problems, but when it comes to 24/88, results are mixed. Most of the time this doesn't work. I tried some 24/88 files and HM-801 coudn't play any of them.
Sold!   I would like to thank here to everyone who showed interest in buying. Thanks.
Sale pending...
For sale:   RSA "Emmeline" The Predator.   This is an excellent portable headphone amplifier & USB DAC. Quote from Ray Samuels Audio page:   The Predator’s both pc brds, the amp & the USB, are mil specs grade with 4 oz oxygen free copper. All resistors are that of high quality Dale Vishay SMDs. The Caps are the highest quality film caps by Panasonic. The power lanes & signal lanes are separated from each others with ground lanes & blocks of ground sections to...
  OK, I'm not the only one who thinks that HM-801 sounds better after time of playing. Interisting ;-)    
  Yes, I was at the point when I had a chance to cancel my order for HE-5 and get LE instead, but just because of LE's different sonic characteristic, I stayed with HE-5. Since I haven't heard LE version by now, I cannot say what the difference in fact is. Though, HeadphoneAddict shed some light on it. I suggest to try LE forums to search for comparisons.
I bought my HE-5 in February 2010. So far I haven't experienced any wood issues. I'm just surprised to see that HE-5 are still available. My impression was that those are not in production anymore and were replaced by HE-5LE exactly because of wood issues. Clearly, this is not the case.   BTW, great headphones.
I'm digging my own grave here, but I always thought that HM-801 sounded better after some 20-30 minutes of playback. I'm not talking about HM-801 to EF5 set-up (so no tubes involved), just plain HM-801 to headphones. To me, the easiest explanation was that I had to get myself in the mood for listening. Seems it's not that simple. And if HM-602 behaves the same way...   I just hope this tread won't end up in science forum.
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