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    yes, but when I move my head, the wire rubs against my face, same effect
Um, thanks? haha   I might pm him, thanks man  
lol, and so it is
    let me change that from damage to loss of hearing.... did I permanently lose hearing in the >20khz range... answer: probably. just want confirmation    
oh no, my dog will be so upset when he hears the news
it's not serious enough to even warrant the copay for a doctors appointment. I figured since head-fi is so big on sound quality, there would be at least one audiologist on the site.    
On march 3rd I went to a flatliners concert. It was extremely loud music blaring in a very small space. If I had thought ahead of time I would have brought ear plugs, but alas I did not.  Anyway, the sound was so loud that directly after the concert my ears hurt for a few hours, and I had tinnitus for like 5 days after that. I used to be able to hear the lights buzz if they were dimmed, or hear if a plasma tv was on, but I can't hear that any more. Do you think any of...
you can buy a universal adapter (or an adapter from euro to us)
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