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You are probably right.. I want to find a higher quality cable than what I have now.. probably an Audio Quest.  I wonder if something like this would work?  And if it did who knows if it would feed the Center or Sub channel.. or possibly combine them and ruin my gear. http://www.frys.com/product/1646432?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG
I have a creative ZXR which has the 3.5mm port that splits to Center and Subwoofer.  I do not run a Subwoofer and I was looking at getting a nicer cable since the rest of my setup has nice cables.  Is it possible to get a 3.5mm to one end RCA or will I always have that one hanging not in use?  What cables do you guys recommend? Most of my setup is Mogomi but I was looking at Audio Quest also..  Thx for any help.
I can find a lot of products that are placed in between the signal path but I honestly don't want to do that for volume control.  My keyboard has push button volume control but I really miss the knob of a good receiver.  Does anyone make something that is USB or bluetooth that just controls windows volume?  I know Griffin made some stuff in the past for MAC that looks awesome but I read had issues.  I did find a do it your self kind of kit but my skills may be lacking on...
I figured it out.. I had them set to full range instead of leaving them (small) in other words.  Now Sub is working!!! JLB LSR305 and Audio Outlaw M8 sound amazing off my ZXR.. using bass redirection as a crossover.
Trying to setup a 2.1 setup.  I remember in the past having to choose 5.1 and then uncheck the other speakers to get sub output with a 2.1 setup.  So I did that and ran the audio test and everything works including the sub which was easily heard when testing.  Now as soon as I try to play any music or youtube videos the subwoofer is NOT working at all.  It's like it doesn't know the sub is there but I even used windows configuration for the audio to test the sub and it...
Been doing a ton of reading and I see Iron lung Jelly fish gets recommended a lot but I cannot seem to locate those.  Trying to stay on a budget of 100$ for a pair of IEC cables for my JBL's that are powered.  I found some cheap hospital grade cables but not sure if there is any difference there.  Thanks for any help.  After searching and reading I think I just ended up more confused.  All my outlets are upgraded to PS Power Ports so I am just trying to clean out the rest...
​Well I am having to use a ground loop isolator no matter what.. My better Jenson isolator comes in soon as well as some Mogomi RCA to use with it.  I cannot get rid of the noise without an isolator.  New PSU did nothing.  I am installing a PS Power Port AC plug in the wall and building my own power distribution using good cable and a pair of PS Power Port plugs.  It won't have any surge protection but I will put that on the house at the breaker panel.  So far the noise is...
Well I talked to some audio buddies and they said nothing wrong if I end up leaving them on for a while.  I decided to install a PS Power Port AC Adapter in the wall and build my own power distribution with a pair of PS Power Port plugs.  I am having all kinds of weird ground issues so I am trying to clean up a few areas of my power I know are crap.
Looking for a way to make powering on and off my monitors a little easier.. I picked up a Belkin remote surge protector but started to think maybe it's not as audio friendly as others out there.  Are there any Audio Friendly options?  Because of where my JBL's are located it's a pain to power them on and off each time.  Thx in advance.
 Well in that case my last option is the Jensen Ground Loop Isolator or possibly this new power supply may fix the problem.  After that I am out of options.
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