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I use my PC for Music, Movies and gaming. Loved my Asus ST but need to go PCI-E now. I had pickd up a ZRX but believe mine was defective. Horrible loud static anytime the PC was not in the OS... booting up... bios... and even shutting down the static would kick up loud. I returned it and they did not have anymore stock. Now they have more in stock and I am debating if I should get the Asus STX instead. Curious about the external power on the Asus giving any leg up on...
I have two sound cards I am parting with.  I really hate to lose the Asus card but I messed up on my new PC build and forgot to make sure the new mobo had a PCI slot.  I have an Auzentech Bravura as well I have been meaning to sell so I am listing that with it.  I have the original box for both cards.    Asus Essense ST + H6 and opamp upgrade = $200.00 shipped US   Auzentech Bravura = $80.00 Shipped US     Ebay Feedback - Badlilstang Heatware -...
Thinking of getting away from sound cards and goign back to an external unit.  I was looking at the new asus one but 550$ is pretty pricey.  Trying to stay closer to 300ish.  I had a Zero Dac with opa627 upgrade years ago that I liked but wouldn't mind findnig something a little better.  I am driving some Denon AH-D2000 headphones and will need pre-amp out for my Klipsch promedia speakers.  Thanks for any advice.
Just picked up a used HTOmega Claro Halo and after installing it on my windows 8 PC I found I am getting sound out of both my headphones and speakers at the same time with no way to disable one or the other.  My Essense ST on my other machine has a very simliar menu and has the option to just output to headphones or just speakers.  I believe the Claro Halo should have the same options from what I have seen online.  Has anyone else run into this?  It replaced a Bravura...
I didn't install any kind of plugin tho for Foobar.. not sure if that makes a difference.
Hey ROBSCIX!  Been a long time since we have talked.  Yeah ASIO is installed by default with my Essense ST card I have installed.  I haven't changed a single setting in Foobar since installed.
Just installed Fubar and noticed my volume control inside of Fubar does not work.  I noticed as soon as I start to turn up the volume in windows the sound gets loud very quickly.  I am new to Fubar.. any help would be greatly appreciated.  Really like the Hifoo skin :)
So then why would anyone run them?
Just to add.. I am readign now there are Unified drivers offered that are better?
Just read about these Unified drivers.. are they really better than the asus drivers?  I am runnign windows 8 64bit at the moment.  Thx for any info.. What advantages do they have over the Asus drivers?
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