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I kill IEMs. This is a fact I'm trying to live with and reconcile. Mostly they lose connection at the jack and fade in and out. That being said I'm looking for a new IEM as my T-POS H100 just died, and have settled on either the DN-900 or the Altone200. Can anyone comment on the build quality of the jacks, and which one would take the most use and occasional abuse?   Thanks for the help.   Ziemas.
Could someone please tell me if you can browse via id3 tags Genre>Artist>Album?  This can't be done with the X3, and I'm looking for a player that has this capability.   Also, does the MicroSd card and internal storage merge to create one database, or are they separate?   Thanks for the help.   Z.
That's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks for the help. Sadly it's a deal breaker for me as I like to browse by Artist>Album. Hopefully it'll be sorted soon and I can get an X3.
Can someone please tell me the latest X3 firmware is capable of reading id3 tags and supports id3 tag browsing? I'm looking to upgrade my Sansa Clip Zip, but as don't have everything organized in folders, only via tags, so I need proper tagged browsing for my music.   Thanks for the help.   Z.
I sent in a pair of faulty Silver Bullets last summer. July 10, 2010 I was told it would be three weeks until the SB were in stock. After waiting until August 26 I settled on the Eternas, which he sent, as I needed a working pair of IEMs.  He promised to repair the SB and sending them to me. The last time I wrote asking about the Silver Bullets was October 23. Clearly Ethan isn't going to repair them. I'm done sending him emails, and done buying stuff from Budgeon.
I bought mine in the States, and just had a look at the warranty card and it's only 90 days.   As someone who lives in the EU I'm used to the two year warranty that we get on all electronic goods.
Are you sure it's not the cable? Have you tried awitching the  bud to the other cable to see what happens? 
This is why forums rock! Thanks!
I was quite happy with Comply T-400 on mine.
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