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Jaben has another offer, Hippo VB with this new amp, the Hippo Box+, going for US99 only   Now if only their offers on their forum were valid for international orders too...
ES8 cable (like the ES2, but fitted for the TF10 - no filing required!)   2 for 1 promo going on at Jaben's online store   [edit] offer valid only till 5 Dec
Some headphones sound great on their own, like the Audio Technica ESW9 (if you like a warm, bassy sound). But an amp, depending on its sound sig, would make it sound even better   Where is the OP living? I know the Jaben branches (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia) allow you to test out any headphones and amps that they have
Try the Westone UM2, if you want something with tight bass. If you want something with more punch, try the UE SF5EB, though it's kinda hard to find now that it's no longer in production.
You can get a custom earphone at any age... The youngest I've seen is a 10-yr old who made a pair of Livewires. But that would mean every year (or less, depending on how fast you grow!) you may have to get a refit, as your ears, ear canals, etc would have changed in shape.
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