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Quote: Originally Posted by beerguy0 From Wikkipedia: "FTW", a backward acronym for "WTF" used when there exists an even greater degree of confusion than called for by "WTF". I've always defined it as "For The Win".
Welcome to Head-Fi Sennheiser!
Quote: Originally Posted by MD1032 Another vote to avoid Compaq. Never owned a laptop by them, but I'd had a couple of their computers (for free, fortunately), and they are just built terribly. The laptops in CompUSA that I saw looked terrible. Very cheap construction (all of the keyboards were falling apart on what appeared to be almost brand new display models), and their parts in my experience are, as I mentioned, just really bad quality....
Bought an X-Cans amp from Lazarus Short. It arrived in great condition. Laz was a pleasure to deal with. Don't hesitate to deal with at all.
Bought some more CDs from applebook. Items arrived in great condition and shipping was fast. Thanks again.
I use Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper to rip audio from my DVDs. You can rip the audio to MP3 and Wav.
Fixed the problem.
Does anyone have ideas on how to fix this? I know it has to be a computer related error, since I'm using the DAC with a DVD player right now. Edit. I looked in the DI/O's manual and it said that you have to set the soundcard to use an external source. How would I do this with the AV-710.
I got rid of the error by setting resampler to 44.1, but I'm still getting no sound from my amp. Could the directionality on my cables cause this?
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