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 I was truly stunned by the combination of the M2 and FLC8S.  Yup, I agree. I really like the Mojo and it gave me a reference for pretty much everything else.  The M2 came very darn close to that standard, as correctly noted by Nick. I am playing the M2 in the auto (it just arrived yesterday) and it sounds amazingly open, clear and accurate.  Now what I really have is a used Meridien car stereo which has a fairly quiet sedan wrapped around the stereo.   So talking about...
I fed digital output from both generations to a Chord Mojo.  Personally I thought both sounded great.  Rock solid.  In fact, that was the best way to demo the Mojo.  Much better than using a camera connecting kit with the iphone and the Mojo.  And more reliable than using the Mojo  with my PC.   So no difference found in my experiment.  Your mileage may vary.
Always open to trying out new players and IEM units.
Nick, I would love to be proven wrong in some future testing!
My M2 arrived.  Pretty fast shipping methinks.  Space Grey.    Starting with the customary Miles Davis, Kind of Blue.  MFSL SACD source; DSF extraction.   Gotta love the detail.   Using the LZ-A2.
I very slightly favor the LZ-A2 units that I have, but would never get rid of the Carbo Tenores.  The Carbos remain the audiophile bargain champs in my view.
I would take the discussion one level out.  I felt that when I evaluated the unit on a loan, the sound hit that point of quality where it becomes elusive to meaningfully improve on the sound quality.  In other words, yes I could get better sound, but at what price?  I mean a FIIO feeding the Chord Mojo is some serious stuff (and I have experienced that on a loan), but it involves two units.    I must admit, I have a soft spot for moderate price points.  I get far less...
Both the original and Gen II X3 are good choices.  I lean to the second gen machine, but gen one has some unique features that are of value (hardware EQ in particular).
I do hope that "Gemini Doctor" (or something like that) turns out to be a reliable vendor.  Fortunately Amazon seems to protect buyers.   Anyway $189 less the ebay value of my well loved original X3 Gen One got my attention.   So now I will own two devices with the same chipset (the other is the FIIO X3 Gen II).   My wallet is upset with me.
Well,  I am happy that FIIO is looking into SD cards for storage in addition to SDXC.    I had lobbied for SD on the X7, with no success.   If this takes off; I hope rev two includes an external DAC capability and upgraded amplification and DAC choices.     Throw in all the features of this planned  transport device, make sure to include wifi for streaming tidal (etc.), and off we go.   I might look at the device as planned, but throw in a few more features and I am...
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