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When choosing a digital transport you could optimize for price, storage capacity, or standalone quality of the transport without the mojo Each scenario leads to a different set of options So you would be best served by clarifying where you stand on those options
The initial read on the new model is that it will be more of 6 double plus than a 7 in terms of features.  We will have to wait another year for the OLED display, etc. I think removing the headphone jack is a poor idea but this is Apple and they do things to sell add ons from time to time. Oh; I mean they want to avoid getting moisture in the unit and the fact that you need new equipment to play music is just a by product.  Excuse me.
Yes, it does seem more reliable if it is turned on before plugging it in.  Good observation.  I do absolutely love the sound of this unit.  I primarily use it with my LZ-A2 and sometimes with the Carbo Tenore.  It is really a great match with the LZ-A2. I was knocked backwards when I used it with the FLC8S that I was evaluating on a tour.  So impressive. Having said that I still have a warm spot in my heart with my old FIIO X3 II; but the Shanling gets more love right now.
I have more detailed comments earlier in this thread and you are welcome to do a search.  I evaluated the unit as part of a mini tour. I have listened to the FIIO X5 II and X7, chord Mojo, and own a Shanling M2 and FIIO X3 II.  I have owned a FIIO X3 Gen I and a FIIO x1. In my opinion, this unit sounds more like the FIIO X1 than anything else and that is not a high recommendation.  I sold the X1 after about 2 months as I found it harsh to listen to. The PAW 5000 does not...
This particular unit simply does not cut it for me.  I agree that this feels like a $100 unit at a $300 price point.
I just wanted to mention that I replaced my M2 via the nice help of my friendly and responsive Amazon vendor, Gemini Doctor.    Unfortunately, I get freezes when unplugging the unit after USB file transfers in the same scenarios as the previous machine.  So the problem does not seem to be related to a hardware issue.   If I disconnect the unit via the USB menu on the PC before unplugging it I rarely have an issue.  If I just remove the cable the unit will generally...
The aforementioned thread is a sad deal all around.   Other than the brand that shall not be named; what other IEM unit of note beyond LZ right now?  I discovered LZ from the Carbo Tenore thread, so it makes sense to ask people who like a specific sound signature what else they like.  And I do like the Carbo Tenore and the LZ-A2.   Thanks.
Can somebody PM me and explain why this D*** brand is not allowed to be mentioned in a discussion of the LZ products?  I think I have missed some drama. I tend to follow specific product threads and some kind of controversy seems to have passed me by.   I still love my original LZ-A2 unit.
 Most audiophiles will cringe at this.  But I just used the coax adaptor from my original x3 to the mojo and the coax adaptor from the x3 II with a regular 75 ohm video cable in between.  Worked just fine and low cost.
Perhaps I misread your question. I think you asked about the dac in the FIIO with respect to feeding the Mojo. The X3 feeds the mojo very well. I had a flawless experience. The best source for the mojo compared with my pic or iPhone. But the dac does not come into play really. The X3 is simply a transport in that scenario The dac in the X3 happens to be very good sounding
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