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I leave a ipod video in the car now at all times. I ordered a second ipod video unit experiment with. Well purchased used on ebay. I intend to mod rthe unit to 240gb My favorite audio toy however is my x3. I might buy a x1 for knock around usage also. A great deal at the price point and likely to hold value in terms of ebay. I look at my electronic toys like cars. There is a purchase price and a resale price. Too bad microsdxc card top out at 128gb so far
I drop my iphone two to three times a year. In the case yes but usually on parking lot asphalt. Always just fine and none the worse for wear.
This discussion has me a bit confused. Does this unit sound the same as the x3 or not?
It seems to me that we have given up on meaningful firmware updates for this machine and the conversation has devolved into side discussions. How do we get FIIO to commit to a better UI and an equalizer option at a minimum ? Let alone a useful DAC.
I need a replacement case methinks not a cover
I gather the safe bet is to go msata for 240 gb compared with sd cards. Is that correct ? Also will I need standard rockbox or a mod ? Thanks. My new experimental unit should arrive soon. The new unit will need a new case. Any suggestions by the way. This will be a 5.5 video unit with 80gb factory. Also will need a new battery. What is considered a good choice nowadays.? Thanks.
What firmware updates should we expect on the X3?  I know this is the X1 forum, but that actually should matter to prospective X1 buyers as the most logical alternative to the X1 is the X3.
My current "production" machine is an 80gb ipod video.  Since everything is currently working, I figured I would mod a second unit in order to gain some appropriate skills.  That is why I purchased a second 80gb ipod video.  Both are 5.5g.   The original machine has a new battery (purchased on Amazon, I have no idea how good it is but the seller came up first and usually that tells you that the vendor is reliable) and a new video screen.   The second unit for sure will...
I was in fact going to try the pny. Does anybody know if that works ? Otherwise I will accept poor battery life and go with tartans new msata adaptor when in ships late September I just bought a second 80gb unit on ebay. Figured i could afford to kill that unit as it was fairly cheap ($52). Supposedly it works but is quite scratched up.
Cmarti can best clear this up. Bit as I understand it certain ipod units gave issues with something called logical block address limits and can't go above 128 gb or so with certain drive adapters. Biut I thought that the fifth gen units were not impacted by this but I may be off base. I respect cmarti as a source and defer to his input.
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