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 Well I hope he can find suitable drivers to make a unit with similar components and sound signature.  My sense is that the A2S is a very different animal based on various reviews.
 It is amazing what can be done with Photoshop lately.
Since I am sticking at 1.4 I will not be testing this but I will heartily endorse Zweisteins generous contributions to our community. I really like his interface enhancements Thank you kind sir
With regard to DSD please note that the unit resamples DSD to PCM. Since DSD files are quite large I would suggest converting DSD files to PCM FLAC for use on the machine using Foobar or the equivalent. That would save scarce memory card space
I am placing my bet on the Trinity Atlas Delta. 
LZ's owner should consider bringing back the A2 without any changes.
I am with Brooko on that.  Perhaps your file is corrupted.  I would erase and copy it over again.
 There is no official announcement of a FIIO X3 III. In my opinion, the M2 has it over the X3II when it comes to sound quaity.  The X3II has some nice features unrelated to just sound. The X1 II from FIIO does have bluetooth.  I have no experience with that unit, check the active FIIO forums.  I did not care for the original X1 unlike the X3II which I do like (though not as much as the M2).
Enjoy your Trinity units.   I am eagerly awaiting the pair that I have on pre-order (due November).
I find it funny that most comparisons of FLAC vs MP3 on You Tube use electronica as the source material.    Seems to me that well recorded classical or jazz when there are some real dynamics would be a much more appropriate test.  Frankly with electronica or the like I would not expect to find much of an audible difference between compressed and uncompressed music.  There are much more subtle harmonics that come into play with acoustic instruments.
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