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xRELICX;   Seems to me that the pending new X5 III has most of the features attributed to the cancelled T3.  Throwing in the DAC/AMP probably expands the market considerably for a small incremental manufacturing costs.  Look at the Shanling M1; I suspect many buyers are just using it as a transport.   I think Cayin's option is to have an i5 follow on that takes the X5 III feature set up a notch.  The i5 has an amazing sound but I suspect that buyers at that price point...
New product? Bet it is something small to compete with FIIO X1 or Shanling M1
Starts humming Dylan. Everybody must get ....
Just keep in mind that DSD files are converted to pcm by this unit. They still sound good
The resume play feature is much improved with firmware 1.12
Now I want an eight in one.   Floor polish, salad dressing, fly fish bait; butter substitute, antiseptic......all in one!
OKm perhaps somebody can talk me through the settings on the M1 with regard to resume. I have tried what seems sensible before, and so far no joy.   I just want to hit pause, and when I return to the unit hit pause again and start playing the song I had been playing at the same location in the song at the same spot in the folder where I was.   On the M2 and my FIIO X3II, when I put the unit in pause, and then turn it back on later, all I have to do is hit the pause (or...
So I am finishing up (sad face) my shoot out between the FLC8S, the ibasso it03, and the Unique Melody Miracle.  I was able to borrow the latter two units from a benevolent head-fi pal.   The source was the sublime, also borrowed, thebit Opus #1.  I played Miles Davis Kind of Blue (HD Tracks 24 -196), John Coltrane Blue Train, some Mozart, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Mahavishnu Orchestra,  Leo Kottke (DSD but I think the Opus downsamples to FLAC based on a...
Yes, the unit seems to be delayed per the primary X5III thread.     I think it is better for FIIO to tour a fully functional product.  I think that the X7 went on tour a bit prematurely.
Interesting comment on the bass.  I was pretty happy with the bass on these when I first got them; but not I have been spoiled with some other units.  So now I may experiment with some other tips to see if the bass can be picked up.  That may over-ride the key benefit of these for me, which is how comfortable they are for use in falling asleep.  They put low pressure on my middle ear compared with other units.
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