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The idea of modularizing the code to separate what could be customized from what cannot seems logical. right now I mainly want a more easily navigable user interface and maybe playlist support. I had wanted better support of the DAC but that does not look very likely.
 I can't really comment on individual sound samples but will say that this particular release of this classic album is a good example of the benefits of hi resolution digital audio. I suspect that this is the closest most of us will get to hearing what this album sounds like played back from the original master tapes.Some good forums for hi res music are on and stevehoffman forums. Those forums are dangerous (to your wallet).
This is a cool thread for sure. There is so much information in it, that it is almost overwhelming. I kind of wish there was a wiki for the thread, so that key point of agreement on great products would be more easily accessed. I really do not know what is considered a great ear bud or IEM at a given price point, etc. If I were buying these products more regularly like some of the participants I might actually create a draft, but I only bought one pair of IEMs based on...
As I understand matters, with the ipod 5.5g Video I do not necessarily have to wait for the Tarkan adaptor to use a mSATA drive. The Tarkan unit is needed in particular for some newer models, and my old rig can use the generic adapters. True or false ?
Pituky; As noted those two albums are on HD Tracks.
There is a lot in JRiver, but not all of what is there is equally valuable to all users. It has great media playback features, and one can avoid learning the in and outs of various HTPC tweaks when using JRiver One can also output DSD from the HTPC to the receiver. It appears to the tweaker who does not want to actually tweak their system but leave matters up to a program.
I think Fiio has to agree to give aid to Rockbox in order to have Rockbox support. To my understanding Fiio does not want to to that, which I can understand.
I did not see the need to go above 16/44 on the requirements list. I think a rockboxed sansa is a good idea. The rockbox interface adds more file playback options. Might sound better, might not. My old sansa is now rockboxed. Unlike my old ipod, I did not think the sound improved with rockbox but I liked the additional file playback options. If you want a hi res machine, then Fiio etc. gets interesting. I don't buy in to the the old ipod shuffle idea. My old...
I gather that what is being questioned is the relative merit of sampling an LP at 16/44 vs 24/96. The only valid approach is to try both and see if the difference is meaningful to you. It is worth purchasing a good 24/96 or 24/196 track to see how you like it. Miles Davis Kind of Blue 24/192 is a good place to start. I think it sounds incredible but your mileage may vary. But I have beer tastes. I actually like the 24/96 mastering of the first Crosby Still Nash album...
Subtlely and sarcasm do not translate well on the internet.  As far as I can tell that link is to the ipod.   Those do have a nice user interface; though itunes drives me batty sometimes.   The FIIO sounds better however and plays more file types.
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