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The user interface when using a iphone with an external DAC and a CCK is really more a function of the app that one is using for playback than IOS. I use nPlayer as my app of choice, but there are many apps that can do the job. As far as SQ that is really more a function of the DAC. The phone is just a transport (think bit bucket) So I think the call is how you feel about the Chord Hugo vs. the AK240.
I would imagine that measured at the digital output level the units will always measure the same. With the exception of jitter, what could really change? To me, the real question is what happens once the digital output is converted to analog and then amplified to either the line out level or the headphone output? Does that piece of the puzzle change over time or is it also static? For most of us, that is what matters not what happens at the digital out. I suspect that...
Tanayo, good line of questioning. I was under the impression that the line out was not adjustable and did not know that Rockbox provided some options. Funny, I thought the bass with line out was just fine on my 5.5g 80gb Videopod. Maybe I am incorrect on this, but I though the capacitor mods etc. only impacted the headphone out. Maybe I need more information.
cmarti, Do we need any kind of Rockbox update to use high capacity SD cards? Tarkan said the PNY will work with 240gb using his latest adapters. I know we the BeyondWind updates for mSATA but I was not sure about SD cards.
Can FIIO set expectations here for X3 firmware updates? Is this unit pretty much frozen at this point, or can we still suggest updates?
Tarkan on his blog notes at one point that mSATA uses more power than native drive which in turns uses more power than a SD card.   My guess (I intend to test this) is that in the long run the mSATA will be more reliable than the SD card.  I intend to mod two videopods, one with each.  Of course I will probably break something along the way.
I have installed the 3.2 firmware and so far it works fine.  It does seem like there is more treble using the line out as commented earlier.   There are some comments that the equalizer has returned but it is not stable.  How does one find the equalizer for testing purposes?  I could not locate it.   I still wish the menu structure was more intuitive. Also wish, like Rockbox, that there was an option to continue to the next folder.
I may end up putting a msata on one videopod and a SD card on the other.  I have the CF/SD adaptor on its way from Tarkan for the 240gb PNY SD card.   Will I need the modified Beyond Wind firmware for that install ?   When it ships, I will also purchase the new Tarkan mSATA adapter.   Say, is the recommended mSATA for 240gb the Samsung or the Crucial right now?  Or another one entirely ?   Both units are 5.5G units with 80gb.   Thanks
Weak. Very weak.
I find the resume function unreliable with this firmware. Also gap less playback is funky. I get slight pauses or hiccups between tracks. At least with redbook flacs
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