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Interesting to compare bass on the P1 to almost anything.  I guess if you are lucky enough to get a good fit the P1 has bass....but I never got much bass from those. So of course many other IEMs are likely to sound bass heavy when coming from the P1....because they have bass.   I know for sure that this comment will result in much grief.  Bring it on.
 There was an unfortunate series of incidents where one retailer got involved in "pay for play".  There were effectively forms of bribery and blackmail involved and they were banned.
 Wow.  I thought using the NAS would be a requirement for this unit.  I have recently written a few posts about this issue also.
 Well, since I am in the "mess around" mode with the FLC8S once again, I decided to try gray - gray - gunmetal to compensate for my perception of the bass heaviness of the X5 III that I am evaluating.  That has led me to gray - black - gunmetal.   Previously I had been staying away from black for the mid-bass.   Anyway that seems to work with my Shanling M2.   i was going to try it with the X5 III but somehow I have drained the battery and need to wait a bit for the...
 I would agree that use of Tidal, etc. would be a key reason to consider this unit.  Personally, I am not a subscriber to Tidal. Another use case is access to the NAS and that is not going so well for me.  There was a post for a workaround that I might consider if I owned the unit. Right now I lean to the old school charm ( or lack thereof depending on your point of view) of a custom DAP with scroll wheels, buttons, etc. to access the music.
 I understand that sentient beings from other galaxies can hear music recorded at those bit rates so you might want to hang on to those tracks!
 The last two or three pages on the thread for the upcoming Cayin N3 asked a very similar question. That is a unit that most people think will be a strong competitor to this M1 so the thread is worth reading. My take:  yes its meaningfully better.   
I did put in some passwords into ES file explorer but that has not solved the problem either.  Is there a way to force music file associations with the FIIO music app? Addendum:  As I do have JRiver on the PC; I put the "gizmo" apk into the unit, and am able to browse NAS files in that fashion.   However, Gizmo is limited to 320K MP3 quality; so that is really not a very good solution at all. Anybody else access their NAS using this unit with good; full bit results? Next...
 I am getting closer doing this.  But when I get to a file using  DLNA; the message is "network unavailable, please try again later".  I never was asked for the password for the server; so I suspect that is the problem.  Where do I insert the NAS passwords?
Yes, I can get to music files using the ES file explorer.  But when I click on a flac file, I get the message "sorry no application available"
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