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I publicly apologize for citing hardware eq and not hardware level eq.       I gather that I did not expressly say the unit has hardware level eq but no freaking knobs.   Everyone satisfied??  Don't want you to lose sleep at night.   Not that the X3 ever had knobs, mind you....
Thank you. Even though the beta firmware has been solid providing a final software version will make some holdouts happy. Who knows we might even get some new features.FIIO continues to provide solid value and I appreciate that.
Please elaborate. The distinction eludes me. Hardware level does not equal hardware?
We all can get overloaded with our toys. Yes the unit has hardware based treble and bass management that operates on hi res signals not just redbook like the software eq
Stable is a funny concept. On the x3 gen one I think the most stable firmware is officially beta. 3.34b is pretty darn good though like others there are a few tweaks I would like to see.
I keep dithering whether I should sell my x3 gen one unit. I like the idea of the hardware tone controls but I seem to play my gen two far more often. So I am open to offers.
I would like to sign up for the tour if possible.   Owned units:   X3 X3 Gen II   Previously owned units:   X1 E07 Andes   Reviews:   FIIO X5 and E07; probably a few more   IEM/Buds/Phones   Phonak Audeo 022  with both green and black filters Custom mold Shure E2c Carbo Tenore   Yuin PK3   Sennheiser PX-100   Multiple others including Audio Technical where I do not remember the model number....   Native Language:  Unintelligible but some say it...
If the units have a common code base why is it that the original x3 seems to have more of a mid bass boost (also known as warmth) compared with the x3 gen 2 which sound much flatter? I like both but do favor the newer generation sound signature.
My sense of the last communication from joe b is that the next firmware for the original x3 may never happen. Seems they are having trouble finding talent to work with what seems to be machine or assembly code on this unit. Did anybody read that differently?
The only thing wrong with my x3 is the existence of the x3 gen two
New Posts  All Forums: