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I'm sure my cable was flexible in the beginning, like the lower part still is. It suddenly became stiff when I started to fall asleep with them in my ears. It probably has something to do with sweat. I'm not sure how long the warranty is for you. For me in Germany it is 2 years. They don't replace the cable. You would get a new ie800 from them.Sennheiser, at least the headquarter in Germany, is known to have excellent customer service. Even if your warranty would have been...
IE8 cable was much better than IE800 cable, which is the main problem with these otherwise fantastic IEMs, imo. Unfortunately the upper part of the cable will become very stiff and microphonic after a while of usage. The good thing is that Sennheiser replaces IE800s with stiff cables under warranty.
I own both old JH-13s and the IE800. They sound quite different. Hard for me to decide which one I like better sonically, but easy to tell that out of 100 listening sessions 99 times I reach for the IE800 because IE800 is much easier to handle.
  For old or mediocre recordings consider a fine NOS DAC and tubes. It will sound pretty nearly a highend vinyl setup. For splendid highres material (f.i. http://www.2l.no/pages/album/087.html) consider a very transparent highres DAC. That's what I do regarding the source. Both units are $5000 and they are not even "reference", only very good. My only problem with spending so much money on DACs is that there is so much motion in DAC market. In 2-4 years my $10000 DAC gear...
Here's a tech paper from the Audirvana developer about how OS and player software may affect sound quality. You can read something about software induced Jitter and RF interferences. http://www.amr-audio.co.uk/html/dp777_tech-papers_OSX-Integermode.html
Many high-end computer setups have a dedicated MAC as the starting point, but there is no general consensus about whether MAC is the best platform sonically. Some people use Windows and JRiver, others use an audiophile Linux setup. Personally I think a dedicated MAC setup has some general benefits regarding convenience and sound quality. It's easy to configure things and there are several very good software players aimed at computer audiophiles, competing with each other...
You probably would be surprised how good HD800 scales to better gear. If you are unlimited on budget I'd say a good start would be   - Mac Mini (headless) - Audirvana+ player software, running  in Direct and Integer Mode - a very good USB-DAC with preamp ($5000 or more) - a very good headphone amp ($5000 or more)   Btw, HD800 loves high-end gear with tubes.
I use Apple Hardware -> Audirvana 1.4.1 (Direct Mode + Integer Mode) -> AMR DP-777 NOS DAC (Telefunken CCa ) -> SRM-007a -> SR-009. Not much complains about brightness except female voices are a tad too shouty at high voume levels. It is easily curable by usage of an EQ though.
Abbingdon Music Research (UK)  DP-777. Own that one and love it. Tubed preamp + Dual DAC (NOS + HD).  
This DAC + tubed preamp will replace my Antelope Zodiac Gold + Voltikus. The AMR has two DAC chips, a Philips Multi-Bit NOS DAC chip and a 32 Bit HD DAC, the former dedicated to Redbook, the latter especially to highrez material. Love the open, earthy, wooden sound from the DP-777's NOS DAC with the SR-009 + SRM-007t combo. Antelope Zodiac Gold is also a very good DAC + preamp, but together with the highly revealing SR-009 I feel there is a little too much emphasis on...
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