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Meanwhile I think my 1Z sounds decisive better than my 1A. 1Z emits a kind of sound that is very non-fatiguing for me, even for genres that I'm rather sensitive to like harder rock. Congrats to all new owners.
I totally agree. From this point of views it's rather cheap piece of equipment. That's why I will buy a second one for sure. Since 1Z I don't believe anymore in the distinctions made between desktop and portable setups, portable necessarily being inferior to desktop. That rule was probably true in the past, but since 1Z portable to me is on par, except from very exotical electrostatic setups.
Mhh, I'm rather confident this 1Z objectively sounds exactly the same as before. It doesn't went crazy, only balanced was out of function for a few hours. I assume it's just that the accident somehow distracts me from enjoying it like before. But in the end only time will tell and of course the direct comparison with a second 1Z. Let's see.
Life is much easier when you don't like what you can't afford. That's why I don't like Ferrari^^ My 1Z is dried now. Next hurdle would be to overcome the feeling it sounds ****ty now. Of course it's only a brain thing, but how to overcome it? Yoga perhaps?^^
Depends what kind of sound sig you prefer. 1A a touch more upfront, fast, digital, 1Z more glossy, refined, analog. I'm totally in love with 1Z's sound sig. It is something special. Maybe not everybodys cup of tee, but many owners here seem to love the sound from 1Z.
I still have the feeling 3k is a steel for such a good sounding device. I own hifi equipment much more expensive. For sure I'm an addict. No arguments here. 3k is much money. I have to work hard for it. On the other hand it is kind of peanuts compared to other gear I have.
I already have a 256GB card plugged into my 1Z. With 2 x 1Z@512GB I would have enough storage space for all my needs without the need to swap cards. I'm not that short of money and I think 1Z is the best hifi device I ever bought. So why not have two of them.^^
Atm I can see no good reason to sell it cheap. It worked flawlessly 10 hours after the accident, so it will most likely work long-lasting after the drying with rice. Nontheless I'll buy a second one. Wanted to do that anyway, since my music collection doesn't fit into one 1Z.
Happened at work, lost in thoughts about details. I had it in the frontside pocket from a very lightweight outdoor jacket. The zipper from the pocket was half open when I bend over to clean the toillet.... Lol, 24k gold walkman in the toilette. How stupid. Lol. Thanks for the tips guys! I will try the rice bag procedure, meanwhile using the 1A.
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