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Personally, I enjoy the warm top end and resolving presentation of the HiFiMan Edition X, it's less dark than the LCD-2, although will a little less bass. For dynamics, The Denon D-7000 is my current favorite, although not in production, you'd have to find one used. Great balanced bass and crisp top-end in a sealed cup. The T-1 and T5p are close, but a little too much upper midrange for my sensitive ears. Still need to hear the Elear, which will hopefully be soon. 
What's the objective of the coverings? Damping? I'd be a little concerned of a fire hazard 0_o 
Beautiful Redwood Burl wood cups, actually I've never seen cups this incredible looking anywhere, and I've been to a lot of meets. Includes leather band at top (not in photo), Stax calfskin leather pads, Cardas internal wiring, long custom cable with Cardas internal wiring, Furutech 1/4", Viablue splitter. Extremely nice sample of a modded T50RP.   See the build thread here: http://www.diyaudioblog.com/2011/09/modifying-fostex-t50rp-headphones.html   Value: T50RP:...
Extremely precise CNC'd Kingwood wood cups, ZMF calfskin leather pads and pilot pad, Cardas internal wiring, removable Zynsonix Ballista balanced 4 pin XLR cable (can be converted to 1/4" if needed), compatible with Audeze headphones as well. Extremely nice sample of a modded T50RP.   See the build thread here: http://www.diyaudioblog.com/2016/10/fostex-t50rp-mk-iii-modded-build-new_4.html   Value: T50RP mkIII: $159 ZMF Pads: $85 Wood cups: $250 Ballista Cable and...
I had a very pleasant experience contacting Peachtree Audio for customer service. I had purchased a t1 USB to optical converter a while back, may have been from Audio Advisor but I had long lost the receipt. A few weeks ago the unit would no longer power on. Normally I like to pop things open and break out the soldering iron but I'm not a big fan of playing with SMD chips and the like. I contacted customer service to see if they could fix the unit for me. Christian Ballard...
You'd be surprised, braids almost always come out even if you use uniform pressure throughout the braiding process. Not to negate Fraggler's cable, he did a very nice job here. 
Thanks very much!  There's no sleeving on that particular cable, it's actually just the Ballista wire (transparent jacket over a quad of wires, each with alternating UP-OCC copper and UP-OCC silver clad copper strands).
Offering the Emotiva Little Ego for $85 shipped (firm). It's brand new, simply removed from its package but never used. Ended up having a few more bills than expected and need to curtain my audio spending. Includes box, etc. The Little Ego has a nice feature allowing you to adjust the processing, so you can find the setting you find that sounds most agreeable. Great for on the go. 
You can get some that snap on and off, so you can experiment pretty quickly and easily. I found I liked the Kimber USB cable better without them, but for power it's hard to imagine much if any detriment. They're typically used on cables to eliminate noise/interference. Sometimes you see audio cable manufacturers have offerings with ferrite (like PS Audio's power cables several years ago) or the older Cardas Quadlink, As neverdien said, if you already have clean power,...
Hah! That sweet Y split made me smile :) Rock and roll baby! 
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