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Ah Double Dragon, one of the best games of all time
Cute little Gainclone build. The PCBs are from ChipAmp, I chose most of my own parts as that's part of the fun... Silmic IIs, Kiwame resistors, and the largest WIMA bypasses I could jab into the boards. I also snuck a little GrubDAC into the unit. There's a switch so you can choose USB or RCA input. The case is a cheapie Bud aluminum enclosure (which is way too malleable, not going to get another). I gave it a spritz of red enamel, decided I didn't like it, and switched...
Thanks Sathimas, I appreciate the compliment. It's actually my own proprietary cable for my company - it's a custom made UP-OCC 99.99997% wire with clear dielectric and a nice flexible 19 strands. 
Haha, yeah, they are pretty much as far removed as you can get. However, they still have that distinct Grado sound signature that presents rock music so well despite being a Franken-can ;) 
Yes, he traded for the whole lot. Sorry about that :( 
Pending to LTSFBH
Here's a fun new one, a Grado with Mahogany wood cups (I copper leafed and sealed), Turbulent X drivers, and a Turbulent Labs headband. The grill is generic metal grillwork that I had powdercoated a copper color. Love those new Amphenol minis by the way. Burnt this set in for about 60 hours, it sounds incredible.   
Shot you a PM Matt
Great work as always Tom! Congrats!
Up for sale are the well reviewed PSAudio Punch 12 gauge power cables. The Power Punch has connectors machined from solid billet, a braided shield, polished nickel plating, hermetically shielded connectors, a removable ground pin, hot and cold welded connections, and 12-gauge multi-strand wire. All five are standard IEC versions (not C7). I am letting five of these go, all in pristine condition, barely used. This is a nice cheap upgrade, throw out your cheap 18 gauge $1.50...
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