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Tom you summed it up pretty well. Radio Shack had (generally) lower quality parts at higher prices than places like Mouser and Digikey. It was hard to find a reason to go, unless you needed an obscure battery or you needed a resistor or switch that very day. Tools and general goods were all overpriced, $40 HDMI cables and $20 plastic solder suckers, it's hard to imagine that inventory turning very fast.    I was, however, able to take advantage of the closing, I got...
Yes indeed! I got a good 30-40 feet of it when Soniccraft had it on clearance. Great for internal wiring whenever a shield is needed. Takes a little bit of effort to prepare with the layers of tape to remove and the enamel to burn off, but totally worth it. 
Thanks! The big Jupiter caps replace the stock Dayton audio film caps, which are made by Bennic and a very nice value, but not the end-all be-all audiophile capacitor. 
Bottlehead Mainline headphone amplifier with powder-coated top plate, Jupiter caps, Cardas wire, copperleaf wood base.     
Did you keep the other end? Check it with a multimeter to see which color goes to tip, ring, etc. If you don't have a multimeter, here's one for $7.50 that does the job:   (no affiliation to Beezar)
I use thicker enameled copper magnet wire for ground bus wire on occasion, so I suppose it could work for that, however I don't think it would be possible to heat up a joint hot enough with a soldering iron to get anything to stick to a bar that thick.     If you use it for signal wire, you'd run a risk of picking up EMI/RFI or flux interaction from transformers. 
Very valid points. There are no limits with your own chassis ;) 
  LGK 1.0 from GR Research. Uses a proprietary 3 inch (!) driver, along with a baffle compensation network. Flat packs are available from SubAssemble. I have no affiliation with either company. Nice resolving treble and surprising bass response out of these little guys. I used Duratex coating to get that cool texture. 
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Ah Double Dragon, one of the best games of all time
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