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Nice! Has the ECP logo on there too :)
Very exciting updates. I might ransack my Torpedo I for parts ;) 
While only different by one letter, the t51 is quite different from the t5p. The t5p has the typical Tesla drivers that are easily removed with a slightly modified letter opener from Staples, at least that's what I've found is easiest over the years. I did recable a t51 previously with Cardas wiring, unfortunately I don't recall the procedure. I wouldn't drill a hole if you can help it. Beyerdynamics, especially the Tesla drivers, are sensitive to air venting within the...
Great work, very nicely documented. The blow torch on the corners was a splendid idea! Gives it a nice vintage look. The Speedball is a great upgrade, very worthwhile, it adds control and detail. Adding a choke and replacing the pot are both excellent bang-for-the-buck upgrades.
Neat project! I have a couple of Phiaton MS400 shells this may work well with :) 
off to ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/221842834215?
 Nice looking color, is it gold plated wire?
I have the 2.0 with MQs, could bring it to a meet in the MD/DC/VA area if anyone wants to compare. I do recall the upgrade being worthwhile from the stock config, although as you know it's pretty pricey. Gave the bass more heft, and took it in the right direction with a warm yet detailed sound. 
I wonder if Glassware will ever have the board with the 3 Elma switches, I feel like that's been sold out for years now...
For sale is a very nice Wadia 171i iPod / iPhone / iPad transport in excellent condition. Includes all accessories, as well as original box. I never used the remote, cable, or most of the adapters, so those are mint.   This will play with your newer iPhone 5 and 6 as well, you just need the Apple 30 pin to lightning adapter. I can throw this in for $20 if you need it.   The average price online for the 171i is ~$250-275. I'm letting go for $220 shipped (shipped within...
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