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Skylab! My all time favorite headphone reviewer. Can't blame you for listening to mostly speakers with the Nautilus 800 Sigs. It's definitely true that interests wax and wane over the years, we all need something to obsess about ;) When you learn the mysteries and nuances of a subject, it's often fun to jump into something else undiscovered.  As far as my own posting, I usually just check out the DIY section from time to time, make sure no one is about to electrocute...
If you go with the Jonokuchi I suggest mounting the outputs further away from the power xformer, otherwise your implementation will likely be noisy. Headphone amplifiers do not like their output transformers to be too close to the power transformer. When they are too close in proximity, there is something called flux interaction when the magnetic waves interfere with one-another and cause an audible hum with certain headphones.    Impedance matching the outputs to your...
I'll be at CAF and can take a look at 'em. Likely just need replacement plugs. Let me know what day you'll be there.   It's only $20 to attend, totally worth it if you're anywhere near it and enjoy audio gear (I have no business relationship with the show or organizers, but know a couple of the exhibitors). It's way more speaker geared than headphone geared though, so YMMV.
I'm certain that some of you here must be into higher-end denim (unless you're spending all your money on headphones :) ). Anyone here collect blue gold? Participate in DWC (Denim World Championship)? Document the fades of Japanese selvage? If so, tell us about it, share your photos, let us know your favorite brands.    I personally have tried a little bit of everything: True Religion, PRPS, G-Star RAW, Diesel, Samurai. There really is nothing like the wash of PRPS...
Yup, there are plenty of DIY options out there. Amphenol makes a nice value 3.5mm mini, and Switchcraft are pretty well made. 
Perhaps the Fyssion Audio Chair? Four 3-inch drivers (two behind the head and two on the armrests) and an integrated tactile transducer. Think it's a bit more than $1K though ;)
The only time I go with unbranded connectors is if the plug simply does not exist from a legitimate brand. The quality varies quite a bit, if you order from 3-4 sources, you might get a decent one, but it's a roll of the dice. Even if you find a decent one, they quality can be inconsistent over time. So bottom line, you're probably not going to save any money, just go with Amphenol or Switchcraft ;) 
Sure, there are speaker builders lurking here, although you might have better luck on Audiocircle if you have a complex question. 
Absolutely beautiful. Really love the table, it has a nice vintage flair with the angled legs. Did you use any plans for the cabinets with the Mark Audio drivers or is it a bass reflex design built to spec? Very nice figuring in the veneer. Now all you need is some wooden speaker cables 
Getting that 3 pin XLR out of the AKG sometimes requires some patience. Sometimes they come right out, but most of the time you have to slowly extract with a dremel.  
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