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What Mogami wire did you use? There's a number of factors that go into the stiffness of a cable, including strand count (a 7 strand wire will be less flexible than a 49 strand count wire at the same gauge), gauge size (24 gauge is a good thickness for headphone recables), dielectric thickness and material and jacket thickness and material. As you mentioned, shrink tubing adds stiffness as well. 
Very nice Tomb
Haha, very nice! One of my projects on the horizon is the Aleph J. Where did you find such a monstrous chassis? I'm assuming the sinks reach a nice warm temp in that config. 
You have valid points. I've used plenty of solid core for interconnects and the like without issue, but they are a bit more stiff than their stranded counterparts. Don't mean to derail the OPs thread here. Sorry about that Fresh. 
I'd be curious to know why you think solid core cable is "going to end up bad". 
Up for sale is a Bottlehead Seduction Phono Pre-amp. The unit features a copper colored powdercoated chassis with brass hardware and a handsome stained wood frame. Upgrades include the Bottlehead C4S upgrade, vintage-style pilot light with amber LED, Cardas rhodium plated RCAs, Teflon tube sockets, Neotech UP-OCC copper in teflon wiring, higher temperature power supply capacitors, power supply capacitor film bypass, Obbligato Gold film caps with Teflon cap bypasses, and...
Sorry to get back so late on this thread. I did finally receive the unit and I really appreciate what it does. The bass and lower midrange is thicker and stronger and overall coherence is better. I've had some friends have a listed as well and they were impressed. I've tried with the Sennheiser Amperior, Momentums, and Harman Kardon CL with good results.    I've found the Nomad LNG-W Lightning cable makes a great match for the amp, as it's nice and short and doesn't...
It sounds like you have a safe method set up, however, I'd personally send them to Grado. They have a special oven that slowly melts the glue to prevent any chance of driver damage. Pricing is very reasonable for repairs. The PS-1000s are legendary, would not want to see you inadvertently damage them and not be able to source a replacement driver. Seems like the risk outweighs the small amount of funds required for the repair. 
Here's a unique build of the DIYtube Budgie SE (Single Ended). This one features Elna Silmic II electrolytics, Koa Speers resistors, a Noble potentiometer, Cardas wiring, and Russian silver mica caps. Everything is mounted to a 0.1" thick copper plate and is sitting on a copper leafed wood frame. Tested with Sennheiser Amperiors and sounds quite nice :)          Shannon at DIYTube (I have no business affiliation FYI) offers a mounting PCB to make the build super...
Sure, I'm looking forward to seeing the internals myself. 
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