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Did you keep the other end? Check it with a multimeter to see which color goes to tip, ring, etc. If you don't have a multimeter, here's one for $7.50 that does the job:   (no affiliation to Beezar)
I use thicker enameled copper magnet wire for ground bus wire on occasion, so I suppose it could work for that, however I don't think it would be possible to heat up a joint hot enough with a soldering iron to get anything to stick to a bar that thick.     If you use it for signal wire, you'd run a risk of picking up EMI/RFI or flux interaction from transformers. 
Very valid points. There are no limits with your own chassis ;) 
  LGK 1.0 from GR Research. Uses a proprietary 3 inch (!) driver, along with a baffle compensation network. Flat packs are available from SubAssemble. I have no affiliation with either company. Nice resolving treble and surprising bass response out of these little guys. I used Duratex coating to get that cool texture. 
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Ah Double Dragon, one of the best games of all time
Cute little Gainclone build. The PCBs are from ChipAmp, I chose most of my own parts as that's part of the fun... Silmic IIs, Kiwame resistors, and the largest WIMA bypasses I could jab into the boards. I also snuck a little GrubDAC into the unit. There's a switch so you can choose USB or RCA input. The case is a cheapie Bud aluminum enclosure (which is way too malleable, not going to get another). I gave it a spritz of red enamel, decided I didn't like it, and switched...
Thanks Sathimas, I appreciate the compliment. It's actually my own proprietary cable for my company - it's a custom made UP-OCC 99.99997% wire with clear dielectric and a nice flexible 19 strands. 
Haha, yeah, they are pretty much as far removed as you can get. However, they still have that distinct Grado sound signature that presents rock music so well despite being a Franken-can ;) 
Yes, he traded for the whole lot. Sorry about that :( 
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