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For sale is a very nice Wadia 171i iPod / iPhone / iPad transport in excellent condition. Includes all accessories, as well as original box. I never used the remote, cable, or most of the adapters, so those are mint.   This will play with your newer iPhone 5 and 6 as well, you just need the Apple 30 pin to lightning adapter. I can throw this in for $20 if you need it.   The average price online for the 171i is ~$250-275. I'm letting go for $225 shipped (shipped within...
I really like Digikey too, they've let me modify my order a couple of times in the past without issue. Also, they have that nice USPS First Class option that's cheaper than any of Mousers options, so if you need just a couple of things you forgot to buy for a build, no problem! :)
You can purchase them through Denon USA. They are pretty tiny, probably like a size #2, but the thread is less fine than the #2's you'd find at the store. I've fixed a number of the Denons, I recommend using a temporary thread locker as well as they tend to loosen and slip out over time.
Nice work and an interesting video. Looking forward to seeing your future improvements :)
Did you get this squared away? Double check with the stock cable, sometimes the little spring pins in the HD600/650 can get loose over the years and need a little tightening. If the stock cable works fine, the cable should be easy to repair, just have to replace the connector with a Cardas or Furutech, and might as well replace the other side to match.  
Homegrown in one of the most reliable sources I know for Teflon coated silver wire, so you can't go wrong with them. You can find solid core silver cheaper elsewhere if you are willing to sleeve it yourself. I wouldn't recommend sleeving anything longer than 3 feet or so though, as the friction gets to be too great. If you look elsewhere, dead-soft high purity silver is the most desirable for audio. 24 gauge is usually a good size to go with for ICs.   I don't recommend...
Ha! Is there a bleeder resistor in place? Accidentally discharging that cap would be very unpleasant.
Indeed, the Cardas cable is great. That enameled litz copper has a nice warmth to it. You can get the jacketed 4x24 cable, or save a few bucks and braid/sleeve the wire yourself.
 Excellent post and the linked article by Pass is a great read. The Crack w/Speedball and the ECP/Beezar Torpedo are the best value tube headphone amplifiers I've personally heard. I personally like my Crack better with higher impedance cans like my DT990 600ohm and modified Darth Beyers, but that's with copious tweaking and part changes. As stated, the Edcor output xformers make the Torpedo a better candidate for Grados, Denons, etc. Also don't forget about the S.E.X.,...
I purchased this messenger bag brand new, it's never been used. I need to sell a few things to make room to keep my sig other off my case ;) Retails for $289 new from Duluth Trading Co. I'm taking a hit and letting it go for $159 shipped. It should fit in a USPS Priority box, so you can get it pretty quickly. The leather is nice and thick, and overall the bag is awesomely built. It'll probably last a century or more if well taken care of. Also, check out the cool laptop...
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