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Wow! Very low THD for a tube-based amp. Good to hear about the Cinemags. Edcor is a tremendous value, just not the best choice for fussy audiophiles who have a couple extra bucks in their wallet.  
Hey! Way to leave us hanging! ;) 
Looks great Tom, keep us salivating ;)
Well done! Always nice to repair electronics that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Hope you get many more years of usage out of it.
Thanks Tom, wouldn't be remotely possible without you guys and your EXTENSIVE efforts. $225 seems pretty reasonable for the Cinemags. They're superbly made. 
Just line up some 100uF+ Solen, Axon, Mundorf MKPs, or ClarityCap PXs in parallel (My personal choice is the ClarityCaps). Every article or post I've ever read about implementing polyester caps for audio applications takes a dump on them. 
Converting to Pono?
Hi Eudis, if you Google "Beyerdynamic Balanced Removable 4 Pin Mini XLR Mod" that page will have some nice photos for you 
Up for sale is my own personal set of Beyerdynamic DT990 - 600ohm version. It's barely used, only a few hours time on it, very clean condition, as new. As you likely know, the 600ohm version is the star of the group, with the most balanced sound (in my humble opinion, having owned all three at some point, multiple times), the most palpable midrange, balanced detail and bass.    This headphone has been internally rewired with 99.99997% pure, extremely flexible Neotech...
Nice! Has the ECP logo on there too :)
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