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Anyone seen this thread?
I guess the iu is good then. Just been skimming the pages here thus far. I see the 15v is need for better sq though.
Oh no issues already. What are the pros and cons so far?
Thanks alot. Is this the newest one? I see them on ebay for about $138 not too bad. Any full review done? Rockbox needed. You an see my daps in my sig.
Hi where can I get this dsd player in th US? Is it the cheapest out there? Thanks.
Anyone try the Bluetooth version with 4.1 aptx (kz - hdse)? SQ any good
Fantastic just did the removal of the plastic grills and orange mesh and what a big difference with Bass and Treble. They sound as good as my JBL 500, dang. I left the original pads as they are comfy to me. Thanks Slater. Great job.
Image X10, UE10 and Soundmagic PL-50. Got my eye on those KZ's and 1More darn it. Bump.
Not sure if they are well liked, but Kz Ed10 $9.99 on amazon:
Any thoughts on the KZ-ED9 Grey VS Black SQ?
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