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Nah the 200 look nicer. Enjoy I like mine too. Nice review by the way.
Thank you NP! seems easy enough. Would you say it bought more soundstage or just a bit? I may order another pair, so I can do the mod just to compare. Takes for the pics.
  Hi I have a pair of earphones that are missing the materials on the earpiece as you can see in the photos. What kind of material can I use to save them. I got a refund for them, but wanted to see if I could save them and not trash them. They sound hollow. I have another phones by Mpow and they sound great, so these should be just as good. Also an example how to put them on would be great. Thanks for your...
Whoa seems like alot of work. Thanks. Any music will do. I just want to widen the stage a bit more. Other than that they are great.
AWESOME! Can you post pic? Thanks!
They are a keeper. They sounded just a bit veiled then I removed the layer on top and now they sound awesome naked. :) These sound great with Jazz. They did a great job on the 2nd. gen for sure. Will be my walk around stress phones. :)
14.99 now. Thanks ordered them. Sent back some other phones I didn't like. I had the first gen HT21 and I liked them, so hopefully these will be just as good. I called them my mini AT M50's when I had them.
I would go with the 3300(Sibilant free). A bit sibilant on the  AT-M50, so those M30 I'm sure are about the same.
It looks like it was a studio headphone in 71. ThaNKS cHRIS.
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