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Still waiting for the rest of the review. :) $68:    
JBL Synchros Slate S500 Brand new not refurbished $65:
Back to $55:
That's a fav of mine too. These headphones can play any music and won't wimp out. Can't wait to hear more of your impressions.
Actually my review was for the s500. I love em. I got mine of ebay refurb like new $55 shipped AWESOME DEAL(no cord for cell phones, but everything else is included). Here is a link:
Whoa just got these and out the case they sound AMAZING. Playing Patricia Barber Yellow Car III(Instrumental) and everything is clear and separation is great. It's feels like the band is here. Crap. Raquel Rodriguez Not My Night has a nice horn and Wah-wah guitar that sounds amazing. Her vocals are clear as a bell and the bass/drum cybals is just right. No BOOM here folks. Grace Weber's Only You Set Me Free acoustic opening is clear as the guitar players pick the acual...
Anyway to make these tighter around the ears, besides the warrenpchi mod shown (Which I did still loose though)
So anyone of you guys still use them?
Man still loving mine. I took them from my stack of headphones after not using the for awhile. I was watching some movies and the audio was so clear. As they were in front of me with the microphone, just awesome.
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