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Sorry about that, Funch, I've been getting so buried in mails I've been losing track of some things. I've never had this much to do before and It's proving really difficult to keep up with the volume as well as making phones and knives and everything else going on. I'm not trying to ignore anyone, I'm just swamped.
Yes, getting totally swamped and it'll probably be a little while before I have anything up for sale on the site again due to the orders I have to complete. On the positive side, I have been updating my workshop with bigger and better tools to do things faster and working in batches of parts where I can, so things will be speeding up as time goes on. I've had to totally rethink how I go about making them as the old way was very slow and inefficient. All these orders have...
The simple fact of the matter is that I make them to sound how I like them to sound, I have no test gear and no way to measure anything, I do it by ear. It was never my intention to try to get a ruler flat response, just something I like the sound of. I'm not an audio engineer, scientist or anything else. I'm an audio enthusiast who enjoys making headphones that I like listening to. I never intended this to become a business but I had few choices once I got laid off from...
Blame Sachu for the name, he christened them and it stuck
No, these will be made to the same standard.
TP2 ?!?!?!? I'm still trying to perfect the TP1 Yeah, I'd love to do an open phone but I think I'd need a different driver to work with. I don't believe I'll ever get the Fostex driver to sound how I want in the open.
They're also all more expensive by quite a chunk!
No, referring to the standard cup connector types. Any cup with a connector will have small flying leads to the drivers. Many phones have them like the HE's Audeze, Fostex, Sennheiser etc. Now, I'm not saying I know better, just that to me it seems like less joints/connectors is better than more where a signal is concerned. For pro use, replaceable cables are a necessity, for domestic use, less so.
What is it? *strokes chin*
lignum... mmmmmmm, waxy goodness!
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