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ask for a credit.
412GB total storage. I've noticed the 200GB card has dropped in price to $199 on Amazon.
I've never had any problems with the balanced jack on my SS. Two of the cables I used were Double Helix with Eidolic 2.5mm connectors, and the third I used is my AKT5p headphones with the stock cable. I can twist it while playing with no static or cut out.
There have been conflicting reports on this, but supposedly only a 1,000 SS units were made, so yes, not a lot of owners.   The Hugo does improve the sound with my SS.   I read elsewhere that an SS owner just sent his unit to Vinnie, possibly the first ever. I spoke with Vinnie a couple months ago, and up till then, he had not done an SS upgrade.   Another reason for the low chatter on the SS is due to the timing of its release—a couple of months before the...
I rarely see or hear anything from AK other than new product announcements. iriver could use a shot in the arm to help with its sales/service. Part of the expectation owners have when buying a luxury item is top level communications and service.
yeah, part of this maddening hobby is the feeling of being left behind when new, supposedly better gear comes out. At some point unless one has plenty of disposable funds one has to get off the bus and just be happy with what they have. A 240SS will make most people extremely happy!
Try VOX on the app store. It is a free app that plays all files with the exception of DSD. It switches the sampling rate automatically as long as this feature is checked in the preferences. Very small footprint too with menu bar controls as an option. AFT is a bitch to use. Fortunately, I have almost filled my internal storage with hi-res FLAC files, so pretty soon I won't have to deal with this buggy software anymore.  
They changed the user interface to match the 380, including the volume setting. It really isn't any different: the old setting was up to 75 in half dB steps making a total of 150 steps. Checking the settings menu to see if the power settings are set to what you'd like. Others on the 240 thread have reported an improved sound, but I can't say since I changed headphones right about the time of the firmware release. Sounds great to me and I have no ambitions to buy a 380 ......
you must be using Windows ...
I really like them a lot, better than the LCD-XCs and LCD-2.2s. The bass texture, in my opinion, is better than both and the upper mid clarity is exceptional; I'm still expecting improvements since I only have 100 hours on them. The soundstage width is impressive for a closed back, maybe a bit better than the XCs, but I can't say for sure since when I owned them, I had a regular 240. I bought mine from Ted at teds headfood here on headfi, so if you decide to try them out,...
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