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Hi guys,   I have a pair of LCD-XCs in the classifieds for those who may be interested ...
Hi guys,   I've decided to sell my year old LCD-XCs. I purchased them brand new from Audeze.   Unfortunately, I gave the plastic case to a friend, so I will be extra diligent in packing the headphones in a USPS Priority Mail Large box with plenty of  padding to ensure complete protection. Additionally, there are no cables but they can easily be ordered from Audeze.   The LCD-XCs are in perfect working condition, fully burned in, and are in great cosmetic condition...
Are you in a wifi network area? Bluetooth performance can be impacted by wifi.
 Yes, the switch is nothing special. I imagine they used this type because they were space constrained.
I like the color display too.
Because I wanted something highly flexible, I bought the Molecule SE Synergy for my XCs. I was quite happy with the improvements over the stock cable.
 I totally agree there is a need to upgrade the stock cable to extract the best performance from the XCs. I use a Double Helix cable that works quite well.
Anytime I purchase a new audio component, I play music through it continuously for the first week knowing the sound will improve; sometimes, especially with digital gear, it may take 2-3 weeks for everything to settle in. As a result, I try not to get overly concerned about the initial sound since, in my view, burn-in is a real phenomenon.
I might mention that many non-audiophiles view spending anything more than $200 for a dap as insane.
 I was going to get the SS, but I felt I was taking way too much of a hit between selling my 240 and buying the SS. Now you got me thinkin' again ...
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