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I just bought an AKR02 and will get them in a few days. This is my first FAD product, and I'm excited to hear them.I wonder if the white cabled FI-BA-SS is the same as the AKR02 since the AKs are supposed to be a bit warmer from what I've read.
Well, I sprung for another pair of IEMs: the A&K AKR02. I was able to pick up a new pair from an authorized dealer for $700 shipped.   I became intrigued by these due to its aesthetic design, and the more I read about the FI-BA-SS, the more I thought these would make a good companion to my IE 800 and FW01. Since the AKR02 is the same IEM (albeit with a better, detachable cable and leather case), I hope to be happy with my purchase.   Thanks go out to Bengkia369 for...
You'll be happy (from a former 1100 owner)!
ok, thanks for your input.
I am interested in the new Final BA-SST, but there's very little anecdotal info about it.
Nice collection.
Same here.
I've owned my IE800 now for over a month, and I must say it sounds great to me, the best IEM I've owned. With that said, the FW01 compares very favorably, and in one way (bass), is preferable with certain kinds of music. It lacks the upper frequency detail and transparency of the 800, hence my decision to get the silver Ortofon MMCX cable to try out with my FW01. In my view, the FW01 is the successor to the FX1100/1200 if one views tonal accuracy as a measure. And the...
 I'm not sure how you could infer this from reading this thread.
I decided to upgrade my cable and purchased an Ortofon ec8s silver MMCX cable. Once I get it, I'll report back on the sound differences ...
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