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I was listening to my 240 tonight and I noticed a file navigation method that I was never aware of. Perhaps this is old news, but when the 240 is on the now playing screen, if you slide upward from the bottom of the artwork, the 240 will skip to the next track. Likewise, if you slide downward from the top of the artwork, the 240 will go back to the beginning of the current song; each additional slide downward takes you back to the previous song.   Just thought I would...
 good analogy 
 Ah, yes, you're right ... it was some kind of Japanese cherry wood.
 Really? I'm surprised by that. Perhaps there needs to be a certain amount of time to pass before the 11,000 songs fall off the list after a new upload. I'm interested in hearing how it turns out in the future ...
By the way, I've never downloaded the application, "akgroovers+." I always thought this was an app to purchase songs from and that it was not open to U.S. users. My 240 is showing there is an update for this app, and now I have two little N icons at the top of my display, the other being for v1.16.   Am I correct in my presumption about the application?
posted a question on the wrong thread.
 Hi cj, I believe the only way to clear the recently added list is to do another upload. The list will then not show the 11,000 (wow!) songs but just the new upload.
Hi koub78 & rumina,   Thank you for your observations. Since my XCs have tremendous clarity in the mids/upper mids and bass performance that is a tad on the lean side, I think I'll stick with v1.15 for now.
my understanding is that the sound is the same, just different aesthetically.
 I don't understand why A&K changes the timbre with some of the firmware updates. Whose to say which version sounds best since we all have different preferences. If the tonal change is due to extracting greater resolution from source material, I suppose I could then understand why there might be a subtle change, but I'm not reading any posts that suggest enhanced resolution. I'm holding off on the update because I love the way my 240 sounds with my XCs. If anyone has any...
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