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I asked this earlier. The Cayin website lists the N3 as not supporting AAC, however, all their other DAPs do. I think this was just an oversight, especially since nmatheis reported his unit plays AAC.
Comfy is a good thing.
I have no idea why Apple made the decision to use the same file extension--m4a--for AAC and ALAC. Is your file definitely AAC? The file size should be around 10MB.If so, this looks to be a Shanling M1 killer (for those of us who have iTunes libraries).
Many Chinese DAPs don't support AAC, and the ones that don't are usually the ones I find most interesting, e.g., Shozy. I wonder if this is a licensing cost issue ...
Cayin's website does not list AAC support, ALAC yes, so this seems odd. Can anyone confirm AAC compatibility?
Yes, the weight balance was improved with the FW01, so it sits more snugly in the ear.
Hi Baptiste,Any progress on an ODS-1 without the remote? If so, what do you expect the price to be?
Thank you for your assessment.I really liked the sound signature of the 712s when I owned them, but I get the impression the IX will not get close to the bass on the 712s; others here have said bass is not the strength of the PF series, rather, it's the midrange.And yes, I do understand what you're saying other than the Mojo having soundstage limitations ... I've not had this experience.
Any warranty issues would be handled by the seller. JVC USA likely wouldn't honor any warranty since the FW01 is not made for this market. Frankly, other than audionewbi's issue with the back cap coming off, these are pretty bulletproof, very unlikely with proper use you'll have any problems. Just make sure the seller will take care of any warranty issues should they arise.
I don't have an answer to your question, but I do want to congratulate you on your purchase. I've had my eyes on the PF IX for awhile, so I'll be interested in your observations, especially regarding the bass performance.
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