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So, how's the update for everyone and does the USB out pass DSD unaltered?
Thank you for your suggestion. I've filled up my internal storage with hi res FLAC files, so I don't have to bother with AFT anymore, or so I thought before this update. I'll cross my fingers I'll be able to re-upload the deleted album without any hair pulling ... 
I just tried to update my SS, and I can't due to not enough storage memory. The details on the update says you need 200MB, and I have 534MB. This gives me reason to hold off until others report back on the update, and if all is good, I'll delete an album, do the update, and then re-upload the deleted album.   I hate using Android File Transfer for my Mac because uploading an album can be a one minute process or an hour process depending on how skitzy the app is working...
Good news.
Yes, it is unfortunate that these high priced items have such issues. I feel lucky that I got an SS without any problems.
 I'm not sure how the casing material can affect the looseness of the volume knob. In my case, the knob is as tight as the 240 I owned before I bought my SS, and after 16 months of use, any looseness has not changed at all.
 My 240 works fine with the 200GB card, so I expect it would also work fine with the 256GB card. I'm waiting for the current price to drop ($200) before I buy one.
I'm happy for you. I love my 240 and don't foresee upgrading it. Now that 256GB microSD cards are available, I can store a half terabyte of music files.
No worries. There are so many posts to this thread, reading through them all is daunting.
Someone here reported earlier that iriver posted on its FB page USB out is coming to the 240 ...
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