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I hope so!
I'm considering a VorzAMP Duo for my 7XXs. My 240ss is not quite right in amplifying the AKGs.
Yes, they do. I worked in the High End biz for many years and found burn-in to be a real factor. I'm always surprised when I read someone is selling a new item after a short listen ... give it 100 hours at least before making a final determination.
I have 30 hours of play on mine after receiving them yesterday, and the 7XX is improving in terms of bass weight and texture and the mids are smoothing out. I am ecstatic with my purchase, one of the the best audio items for the money I've ever purchased.
Not good for a $1,500 set of headphones.
Not my initial impression. I find female vocals very clear although there is a bit of edge to them given the few hours of play I have on the 7XXs. I expect burn-in will clean this up. Sorry, not familiar with the HD-558s.
 Thank you for the input. I'm deciding whether to go with the inexpensive route (the XD-05) or the more expensive route (Grace M9XX). Portability isn't necessary.
Just received my Red Edition. For the price, the fit and finish is quite good. The red color shown on Massdrop is brighter than the red on the 7XX ... mine have a more subdued, darker red which I like a lot.   I expected the 7XX to be pretty bright out of the box, but they weren't. There's a lack of ease in the mids but I expect that to improve with burn-in. These may be a keeper.   My 240SS drives the 7XXs well but I do have to max out the volume with some music. I...
I purchased these headphones from an authorized dealer a year ago. At the time, they retailed for $1,400. They come complete with all the accessories and documentation. The AKT5ps are in beautiful condition with no obvious blemishes.   The storage box is in as new condition since I never used it. Included is the 2.5mm TRRS to 3.5mm TRS adapter for use with non-Astell&Kern devices. Also included is a long extension cable and a 3.5mm to 6.3mm gold adapter.   These...
My Red editions are arriving on Saturday ... looking forward to listening to them. 
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