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My hope is my AK240SS will suffice without the need of an external DAC/amp—I like to keep things as simple as possible. It seems the info from AKG suggests the wooden stand that came with 812 will not be included, i.e., "carrying case/stand."
Yes, Ted is a great guy to do business with.
Sounds like the justification I'll use when I update my SS.  
Good question. I've never had to do so since I handle it like jewelry.
I read some reviews on the 812s and there seemed to be a consensus of opinion that they are edgy in the upper mids/lower trebles, not my taste at all. I'll be interested in these if they correct this tonal character ...
 I couldn't agree more.
Thanks for the reply.
I don't think so. Unlike a standard potentiometer with a metal shaft on which the knob is tightened down on, the optical encoder that AK uses for volume control inherently has more play to it. On my first 240 that went bad, the knob was really wiggly (not as bad as the original AK100) and I was disappointed since my AK120 had a tight feeling knob. When the 240 was replaced by iriver, the new one had a noticeably tighter knob. When I got my SS, it, too, had a tight knob...
Congrats on your new headphones. I still have mine and continue to enjoy them immensely.
  Thanks, guys, for the replies. I did hear a friend's 800s on my 240SS and I thought the sound was really good with no hint of sibilance—my EQ was turned off and I was listening to 24/192 FLAC files. I read elsewhere that 800s made recently have less of the 6K spike that early production models ... don't know if this is true. I'd love to use the saved money on 800s to help pay for a Mojo.
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