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Bump, will also entertain trades for full size phones/amp for my PRO900.
BUMP with pricedrop. Still no pictures as I still don't have my camera.
Interest Check for my ESW10JPN with HPP5 case.   Bought in September (also some pictures -, don't have the receipt anymore so don't know about the warranty.   HPP5 basically new (bought before Christmas and never used on the road).   Reason for selling - 1. finally enough room for speakers, 2. I prefer Ultrasones as allrounders and 3. Nothing beats IE8 during flights.   - VG condition (I'd say...
Your DVD's output doesn't downmix the 5.1 movie audio track to stereo. V-DAC is a stereo DAC, so any attempt to play multichannel content through it will result in noise/clicks.
Bump! (will try to add some photos this week)
!!!NOTE THAT THE PRICE IS IN €!!!   I have an almost new pair of Grado GR8 for sale. Bought them around October (but sorry, no receipt available) from a Danish dealer. They are in very good/perfect condition with everything included (bag with spare filters hasn't been even opened and the only tips used are medium ones).   I've used them for around 20-30 hours but they doesn't seem to be my cup of tea. I thought that Mustang would help them but I still prefer my...
Have you considered IEMs? Since I got my Senn's IE8 I need no other phone for electronics, and for dubstep they are simply _fantastic_.
Simple search gave me at least 5 useful threads   Anyway - I can give you a rough comparison against ES7 as I have owned both of them. In few words - similar, but better in every department. If you have/like ES7's, you can't go wrong with ES10's. You may also want to try ESW9, IMO not a big step down (if any at all), but woodies are much more comfy (mainly due to the leather earpads).  
IMO both are built like tanks (ES10 slightly better). Seriously, I don't imagine how somebody can break any of those just by using them. I had ESW9s for ~year, carried them in my backpack only in their pouch and when I was selling them there was not a slightest damage done to them.
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