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Quote: Originally Posted by K3cT Hmm... very lively discussions here, me like it! So for those folks with a D7000, what can you say about the shortcomings of the Denon or what aspects you would like to improve? Does it still present the tiny hint of sibilance present in D2000/D5000? It has shown the slightest amount of sibilance with a particular set of tubes on my amp. I swapped them for another brand and the sibilance went away.
Yes, narrowing it down to certain models would help. That being said...in my own personal experience, there is no comparison between the SR325i's and the D2000's. With the SR325i's, you are missing a good portion of detail in the music. Listen to the first minute of "Maria, Maria" by Santana and you will hear sounds on the D2000 that simply do not get reproduced by the SR325i's. It's not a personal preference thing, it's something that is clearly missing. I thought it was...
The Little Dot MKIII and Denon D2000\D7000 sound great in my setup. I did notice some sibilance when using the Russian Voshod tubes, though. It completely went away when I swapped to the Mullards. Granted, I haven't heard the Denons on a "good" solid state amp or even the more expensive Woo amps, but there are no sonic deficiencies to my ears. Bass has a firm, tight grip, male and female vocals have fullness and palpability, cymbals are very realistic.
I had this problem and used elliot-tronics.com to fix it. He was able to fix the problem and you only had to ship the electronic panel from the subwoofer, not the entire subwoofer. I think I paid around $80 to fix, but the problem came back about 4 months later. I ended up throwing them in the garbage a few weeks ago, which is a shame since that is one of the best sounding PC speakers I've heard. That is why I ended up here with my new headphone hobby.
I was describing the Keces in my post.
My D3 is another usb powered DAC and although the Keces sounds much better, I can't say its because of the larger power supply. They have different DAC chips, so its not comparing apples to apples. I think I know what you are referring to in regards to extension in the highs. While cymbal crashes sound much weightier and realistic, I always feel it is missing the upper-most frequencies. I've often thought this could be fixed by swapping my dark sounding Tara Labs RSC...
Quote: Originally Posted by FSonicSmith Despite the warnings of others that the D2000 needs transistors, resistors, and capacitors only, I am very happy with the sound of mine with my tubed amp, the venerable LD Mark IVse with NOS Voshods as driver tubes fed source signal by a Classe CDP.5. I think the tubes bring out the midrange that some claim is recessed or ovewhelmed by bass with the D2000s. Speaking of bass, the very bass heavy new release from Eleni...
Quote: Originally Posted by MetalGeek I want to at least make it look like I'm putting forth the effort to save some cash! But honestly, I really am about 60-40 split between the Keces and the Fubar (Keces in the lead). I just want to know if the Keces is really worth the extra $150 or so. I don't have the D2, but I have both a D3 and the Keces 151 mkII and I certainly would pay the extra $150 for the Keces, if there was a price difference.
Quote: Originally Posted by Drag0n I have copper cables from Signal Cable, and i like them. Theyre a great value and sound as good as my Audioquest cables. The Silver cable that Signal Cable sells is a silver/copper hybrid, and isnt too harsh at all. They use copper for bass extention and silver for the highs, as per the website. Those are my next cable upgrade for interconnects and also speaker cables. I find Audioquest =pretty...
There is also a decent vinyl rip of Death Magnetic(flac) floating around the torrent sites. Much less bright and aggressive than the cd. I apologize if I'm not supposed mention this kinda stuff here.
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