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It's not as stiff as some of the more expensive interconnects (like my Tara Labs which hold shape even after I unplug them). I'm at work now, but from what I recall, you can coil the cord within a 3-4 inch diameter.
I have the D7000's and the Keces 151 mkII and both the Little Dot MKIII and X-can V8 work very well. I keep reading how some claim the Little Dot is not capable of powering the D7000s and how it shortens the life of the output tubes, but I've had this combo for a year and a half and still on the original tubes. The X-can does have slightly tighter bass, but I'd highly recommend either amp.
Quote: Originally Posted by Radio_head anyone know how these headphones stack up against the denon 5000's? I get the impression that like the grados, ultrasone is more rocky while i would be better off with denon for jazz, classical, and electronica. Any input? I'd like to see this too! I hear people mentioning the pronounced highs, but would any owners describe the sounds as sibilant?
Quote: Originally Posted by radical_tyro got mine today. very impressed. bass is already quite clear and precise, and not overemphasized or bloated imo. my main gripe is with the piercing highs. let's see if break-in has an effect... What kind of setup do you have that you are experiencing piercing highs? I just started reading about these today and am very intrigued. My X-can has such a tight fisted grip on the bass, that I welcome a little...
I second the D2000's. They are good enough to grow with you if you eventually do decide to buy a headphone amp in the future.
Musical Fidelity X-can V8 is in your price range. That's what I upgraded to after using the Little Dot MKIII for a year. Unfortunately, I don't have any listening experience with your phones so I can't tell you what you can expect. I heard its picky with some very high impedence phones. Plenty of juice though.
Memepool - Thanks for the advice. An RCM is in the near future.
Quote: Originally Posted by Horio If you can afford it I would. I use a VPI RCM on all the new vinyl I buy. There are chemicals and stuff that sit on the surface of newly pressed records. The cleaner you can keep your records, the longer your cartridge and album will last. Plus it just sounds better. I don't have the vinyl record investment just yet to justify a higher priced RCM, so in the mean time I've been using the Spin-Clean which...
Total Entries: 114 None at all: 1 none (1) Entry Level: 52 Audio-GD Compass (1) Audiotailor Jade (3) Aune DAC/amp (1) AV123 x-head (1) C & C XO (1) Darkvoice 336SE (1) Darkvoice THA332 (1) Eddie Current EC/SS (1) Gilmore Lite (2) Headamp Pico(1) Head Direct EF1 (3) Head Direct EF2 (1) Heed CanAmp (1) Hotaudio RM-1 (1) HotAudio Thunderbolt II (1) iBasso D10 (1) JDS CmoyBB (2) Keces DA-152 (1) K.I.C.A.S. (non-caliente) (1) Little Dot I+ (4) Little...
Quote: Originally Posted by theHof has anybody tried out the Pro-Ject Debut III or have any thoughts on Pro-Ject turntables in general? I recently sold my Project Debut III after 5 weeks of use. It wasn't bad, but I had this hum that I could not get rid of. I traced it back to a piece of metallic coated cardboard that was attached to the ground on the bottom of the tonearm mount. It was like an antennae picking up hum and once I pinched it...
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