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Sorry to hear about your problems. My Little Dot MKIII served me reliably for 15 months and I too upgraded to a Woo WA6SE. Supposedly the power tubes have a shorter lifespan with low impedence headphones, like the ones I use, but they haven't failed yet. Good luck with your next amp.
Quote: Originally Posted by kunalraiker Congratulation, its feels so nice to see a fresh new WA6 SE, keep us updated on your views, also interested in its output, what headphones will you drive and what RCA's are those at the back, they appear very flashy. I'll be using the Denon D7000's mainly. I made the interconnects myself and posted a better pic in the DIY section. Here's a link to the...
The Sophia arrives on Thursday. I was going to wait until week 3 of build time to order it, but this came very early.
Just received my WA6SE yesterday and took some quick pics. It's been burning in using 8 hour shifts with an hour or two to cool down in between. I took a quick listen and am very happy so far with the presentation. Here are a few pics:
I have read almost every thread about rectifiers for the Wa6se and spent hours debating between the EML 5U4G and the Sophia Princess. I had to just bite the bullet and order one or the other. I went with the Princess and if it still bothers me a few months from now, I'll go for the EML too. But it seems the differences are minimal compared to rolling driver tubes or other tweaks. That's the gist I got from all those threads, but I might be wrong.
Quote: Originally Posted by tosehee Someone must have cancelled the order.... :-) Grats and welcome to the WA club. I actually thought about that, but Jack said he was waiting for parts on other orders. I'm happy regardless since I started out looking for a used one, but couldn't find one for sale.
I ordered a silver Wa6se on Feb 14th and prepared for a 4-5 week wait time. I received shipping notification on the 24th. Wow, am I surprised!! I live in NJ and hopefully shipping from NY will only take a couple days. Can't wait. Now I need to re-read 172 pages to remember which tubes I want to roll with first.
Double post
Quote: Originally Posted by UtzY PS: I really think you should use the warranty and even pay some money on the cable if they ask you. IMHO the cable attached to D5000 is very good! Let's presume that another cable makes a difference (for you) ---> You may like or not that difference (1) (You actually said you like the headphones stock, so why an upgrade...etc..etc) Let's presume that the cable does NOT make a difference (for you) ---> You will be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Necrolic If you can't directly A/B the stock headphones with the recabled how can you prove that the recabled are better when you're going from memory that is a few weeks old. It is completely unfair, and regardless you shouldn't be giving a % improvement in SQ, especially not in this situation. I was only without the phones for 4-5 days and I still have the original D7000 cables which are still intact, minus 4 inches...
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