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Very nice re-cable job with the Denons. I'm too scared to tackle headphone recabling just yet. I'll stick with making interconnects for the time being.
Quote: Originally Posted by VicMackey My 1st plan was to buy the WA3+. After I spoke to Jack I agreed to try the WA6 and where did I end? With the WA6SE... Tell me about resistance... Oh yeah, forgot to add....."sorry about your wallet!"
Quote: Originally Posted by VicMackey Damn...pls somebody tell me that the EML doesn't improve the sound over the stock-rectifier at all... dunno how long I can resist anymore to spend too much money... Resistance is futile. I was able to resist a WA6SE for a full year. Had I known then what I know now, I would have skipped my interim purchase of the X-can V8.
Great Job, xcalibur. I'm following your posts closely since I'll probably start tube rolling in a little bit. I appreciate your effort to consolidate things.
I bought mine stock as well, but ordered the Princess a few days later. I swapped it in already, but I can't make any comments since the amp is still burning in. One of these days I'll swap the rectifiers to see if I hear a difference.
Quote: Originally Posted by VicMackey If you look on jack's website at the pictures of the black 6SE (pictures 7&8) you can clearly see, that the 6DE7 are not centered. they almost touch the left edge..same thing with mine... How long was your build time? Maybe Jack sent you the one in the pictures. Congrats on your WA6SE. Did you get any upgrades when you purchased?
Quote: Originally Posted by VicMackey Hi everybody! 1st post and my WA6SE arrived yesterday! It's a wonderful piece of amp. But I was wondering something. Is there a reason, why the tubesockets of the 6de7's are not in the center of their holes? I noticed that on pictures of other WA6SE's too. Doesn't really bother me, but it doesn't look perfect anymore... Mine is offset as well. The screws on the underside of the amp look offset too, but...
The Sophia Princess arrived the other day. She is bigger than I expected. She currently has about 16 hours on her and the WA6SE has about 50ish. So far, so good.
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