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Quote: Originally Posted by Xcalibur255 There is a surprising lack of in depth comparisons between Sophia and EML on this forum if you ask me. I would think more people would face the two off against each other, but everybody seems to just pick one brand or the other and be done with it. I am currently researching the differences between the two and I've pretty much read most of the opinions already posted in various threads here. I have the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Towert7 Which one does he send as stock? I'm wondering too. I received some Russian tube in a blue and yellow box. I think it sounds pretty good, but haven't done a direct comparision with my Princess yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Red Jacket Mike Exactly the same thing that happened to my WA6SE. But then the hum started, and the right channel went dead. Looks like the same type of cap, too, although a different amp. Maybe they have a bad batch of this type of cap. Mine was just built within the last 2-3 weeks. I've sent it in to be repaired. Wow, I'll have to check my WA6SE too this weekend. It was built around the same time frame as yours.
Quote: Originally Posted by sillysally Pictures of my WA5 LE. ss SS - Beautiful amp. Are those tubes actually touching each other?
3 for 3 with Denon's, so far.
Older pic of my bedside rig.
Quote: Originally Posted by sillysally I really like my HD-800s with my new WA5 LE, in a few days I will try my D7000s. ss Please don't. Or at least take your time before trying the D7000's, I can't afford to add the WA5LE on my wish list right now. This will be torture!
Quote: Originally Posted by sk3383 I just realized....this DAC-19DSP sounds amazing right now. What happens after the 200+ hours of burn in that Kingwa recommended to me. LMAO, this thing sounds so good its scary funny. Are you using the USB input right now?
Quote: Originally Posted by Denys As the Sophia is garanteed for only 30 days, I would probably wait until the amp is completly burned before ordering them....logic no ??? I personally would get the Princess with the amp and burn in at the same time. My logic is that you want to put as many hours possible on the Princess in that 30 day period. Lets say you avg 20 hours a day, that's 600 hours in 30 days. That will give your amp plenty of time to...
Quote: Originally Posted by momomo6789 my first was d7000s ^_^ got to start somewhere might as well start high I hope they weren't my pair! Judging by the quality of your work, I'm know they weren't!
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