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I currently use a Little Dot mkIII with an iBasso D3 and the 325i's are just too forward for me. A lot of it has to do with the many 'bright' sounding recordings I have. When listening to Chesky or Linn recordings I think they sound great, but throw on some Metallica or Extreme and its way too bright. I'm willing to try swapping my driver tubes on the mkIII to see if that fixes it, but I'm not going to change all my equipment to make this one set of headphones sound...
Quote: Originally Posted by FallenAngel No it does, it uses 20awg silver plated copper. It's also not a "tube amp", it's a tube hybrid. Just for my own sanity, I grabbed my copy of October 1992's Stereophile and to quote, "The audio signal is routed with both Grado's own proprietary cable as well as FMS 'zero core' hookup wire..." Looks like we were both correct
I tried this a couple weeks ago with my 5 month old unborn twins. My Grado 325i's lay perfectly flat and each had their own driver to listen to. I played some Mozart, but nothing happened for about 45 minutes, so we gave up. I made sure the volume of the music was similiar to the level of my voice, so whether the sound came from the headphones or my mouth should be fine. Maybe I should try Metallica's Death Magnentic next.
I owned a Melos Sha1 back in the day with Grado sr225's. From what I remember, it was a great sounding combo and I swore that I would never sell the Melos, but I did. The Melos used Grado cable for it's internal wiring, so it made sense to purchase the Grados. At the time I was using a Pioneer Elite PD-65 with Tara Labs RSC interconnects. After several years, I decided to look for another Melos Sha1, but came across the Little Dot mkIII. I wish I had both to compare...
I've owned the D3 for a couple weeks now and just noticed the posts about RF interference. I have my Verizon Wireless Blackberry 8330 sitting on top of the D3 and do not hear a thing. I usually hear that rapid buzzing sound near speakerphones or speakers when my BB is nearby, but I don't even get that. I've read that this model has the highest SAR rate of all cell phones. Maybe I'm just lucky.
You should also check out cables by XLO, Transparent, Cardas, Audioquest, Straightwire and MIT. I've owned the MIT 330 CVT II's which are in that price range. I still use the Tara Labs RSC AIR which I've had for about 8 years or so and that is the one cable I will always keep. Nice smooth detailed mids, perfect for female vocals using tubes. Good Luck with your search.
I also ordered a D3 and used my office as the shipping address and it too was sent to my home address. Fortunately, I was home sick that day and it all worked out.
Quote: Originally Posted by jsplice I see on their site that the unit is $219. Does that include shipping? If it's an extra $40 to ship this thing, that's pushing it. I don't think I'll get it then. It was another $22 for shipping. The money wouldn't have killed me, but the hassle of dealing with companies in 12+ hour time zone differences and arguing about who should cover the return shipping, etc. I'm just glad its fixed. It's been...
I live in New Jersey and the item ships from Shenzhen China which is where Little Dots are shipped from (I just got LD MKIII a couple days ago).
I just received an iBasso D3 and placed 5 brand new duracell AAA and when I turned it on using the knob nothing happened. At first I thought it needed headphones plugged in for the power light to turn on but that didn't work. I then connected my iPod Touch using mini to mini cable to the input jack and nothing but silence. The red power light would not come on. I then plugged it into my laptop and the blue usb light came on and the drivers installed. But still no music. I...
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