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One of the reasons why I decided to invest in Pangea power cords was because I heard the prices were going to increase on May 1st (which they did). That's when they started selling the AC-14SE, so I haven't heard it and it wasn't available at the time of my purchase. It's about $15-20 more expensive than the newly increased price of the AC-14, but it is still pretty reasonably priced IMO.   Will you be getting these for all your components?
The AC-9 is waaayyy too big for my Woo WA6SE. I was concerned about it lifting the back of the amp off the shelf, but it is pretty flexible considering its size. The photos in Audio Advisor do not help portray the actual size. It is definately overkill for a <1 watt headphone amp. These are more for huge monoblock amps sitting on the floor. The AC-14 is slightly thicker than your average pc cable and should do just fine on your Gilmore.
Well, close. The midbass was immediately apparent and that is the part that I think anyone with ears would have noticed right away. The other obvious changes were a more focused sound, longer decays, and more room ambience. This is the most holographic/3D sound I have gotten so far.
I received a 1.5 meter Pangea AC-9 and AC-14 for use on my Woo amp and Audio-gd DAC last week. I've been an audiophile since the late 1980s and the one area I've always stayed away from is power cables. It just didn't make sense to me and it was one of a handful of items that I would consider as snake oil.   Well, I swapped out the stock power cables and the difference was one of the biggest that I have made to my system. The change was bigger than any tube...
70% FLAC, 30% Vinyl
Entry Level: 105 Audio-GD Compass (7) Audio-GD Fun (4) Audiotailor Jade (3) AudioTrak imAmp(1) Aune DAC/amp (1) AV123 x-head (1) Bravo Audio (2) C & C XO (1) Corda Headfive (1) Darkvoice 336SE (2) Darkvoice THA332 (1) Decware Zen Head (1) Eddie Current EC/SS (2) Elekit TU-882 (3) FiiO E5 (3) Gilmore Lite (3) Headamp AE-2 (1) Headamp Pico (2) Head Direct EF1 (3) Head Direct EF2 (2) Heed CanAmp (2) Hotaudio RM-1 (1) HotAudio Thunderbolt II...
I own the Little Dot MKIII and a Woo WA6SE. The MKIII is a pretty good sounding amp, but it's bass is weaker and the highs are not as extended compared to the WA6SE. The MKIII has a nice, smooth midrange, but the Woo brings out more detail in the vocal range instead of being glossed over. There is more weight and body to the music and singers sound like full size human beings vs 2/3 size singers when listened to on the MKIII. I also ran into sibilance issues on the Little...
Quote: Originally Posted by Denys I wish you luck on this. I just bought a WA6SE myself last Saturday, and on Easter Jack replied to me stipulating it takes around three weeks to build... Then it will be shipped here in Canada......Hope I won't get nailed too much by the duties !!! At least the CAD exchange is good these days!!! While I am here....do I burn the amp with the Sophia tube immediately or should I wait a week or two ??? What did you guys...
Quote: Originally Posted by HeatFan12 Groundzero, that is beautiful. Is that headphone stand attached? Do you make them and are you selling any?.... Very nice indeed!
Quote: Originally Posted by sillysally That is because the EML 5U4G and 274B Solid plates are no longer being made. It would seem that both the EML 5U4G/274B solid plates are very close. ss Ahh, thanks SS, that would explain it. Would you happen to know how recently they stopped making it? I'm just wondering if I can still buy them new somewhere or if I'm stuck buying a used tube.
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