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well so far you have told me to shut up and that if im not happy with what you deem good enough for all then i must not know what im looking for and be chasing shadows.   saying your just "telling it as it is" is short hand for i know im being rude and offensive i just think i know better so am entitled to do so.
 give up the pretence i know what im looking for???? oh of course i have no idea what im looking for and unless im happy with what you think is acceptable then i must be in the wrong.   you sir not only have a greatly over inflated opinion of yourself but are also exceedingly rude.
what with using a phone as my primary audio source?  i absolutely agree, which is why i dont. that was rather my point, phones are compromise, general devices so a DAP whos aim is audio quality will always best a device that doesnt prioritise audio quality. 
yep.  still got that fit, sound has more competition now but it kept getting cheaper so still looks greatty great value and should hold fast in your ear.
hmm you did say "So the answer to your question is nexus 5's sound quality sucks" and im sorry but it doesnt.  im not going to say its "good" but for a phone its not terrible and is a giant step of from the N4, that thing was pretty terrible.   i mean there might be some phones out there are good, ill confess ive never heard those samsungs with the wolfson DAC's in them but there is a reason i never use my phone for audio.  phones are convergence devices so "good enough"...
oh and btw, richersounds currently doing a massive price cut on the tannoy DC6.  sure youd need a little amp for them but its a lot of quality speaker for not a lot of moneyp
eek, stay away from the bose.  never have a heard one of their products and not thought "you paid how much for that?????"
well the 750 would make a very good and very differently flavoured option.  i think its good to have a few things of difference, lots you see how differently things can be and helps teach you where your preferences lay.
oh not to say the 750 isnt good but if comparing to the DN-2000 then the 2000 easily kcks its ass.  of course the 2000 is like two and a half times its price so it should beat it.
hmm id say the R3 is a bit better but really whats more important is that they have very different sound signatures.  the R3 is delicate and smooth, a bit middy.  the 750 is a bit V shaped.  they would make pretty good compliments to each other.
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