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well if you are using the phono inputs, so an analogue signal you EQ in at the source a more dramatic balance if you wanted to
dont they all squeeze on? i always have handfuls of the things laying about so i cant tell what size anything is.  it if fits it fits :-)
yeah its a bit of a steal really, not for the first tiem too ive seen a UK company do an IEM that is awesome for the money yet seems to get unduely low amount of chatter as they dont seem to hit big in the US.  A shame for both the company and the consumer but i suppose if people only ever bought stuff that was good then no one would have ever heard of Beats.
naaa, the 400 hasnt the same resolution in the highs, the 400 breaks up and while the more edgy jaggies may make the treble more appealing to some as itll make the treble more cutting but the 00 is the technically superior.  However its not like the 400 doesnt smash everything else at the price so acoustic preferences is the more important factor at this level, particularly with their bottom end boost I can see why many would go for the 400 over the 00.  tbh though they...
dont give up with silicone, there are millions out there, a bi flange i often quite like
Hi, well no I didn't, they aren't the worlds most trebly things and foam tip tend to dampen the treble slightly.  PLay with the tip options and see if that helps you any.   Mark
erm i have no idea who that is sorry and im not at home so i cant pull them out and test for you, if you remind me in a month or two when m back i can try for you
Well yeah, like you say a little bright but for the price of them they do freakishly well.  tbh them and the RE00 if anything do themselves a disservice by being priced as they are.  I know I didn't expect much before hearing them even though ive used their stuff for years
well........ the RE00 is cheaper and I would say better too.  However nothing else comes close at the price.
agreed.  single driver stuff usually benefits from impedance adding if your source can handle it
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