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still not working its like the studio isnt seeing the card at all but its visible and writeable in the studio when connected to the computer.  i get the same result with the rocoo ba.
hmm   so thats what i used to format the disk and thats the firmware im running.
hey all, soo had an sd card die and now the new one wont get recognised by the studio. its a  64gb btw.   whats the latest firmware out and what if any secret was there to getting 64gb fat32 cards to work. i really dont recall having this trouble before.
its fairly typical for companies to keep a few around but you never know, it would be silly to have tons sitting just in case.   not sure what youd make a 600 though, you did love the 262 too didnt you?
oh yes, there probably should be decimal point in there shouldnt there.  tbh normally the "specs" just are a copy paste job off the companies website so oops, not sure how that happened.   the case, what the horrible leather with an elastic band case i got?  its senns biggest failing, they insanely over engineer the cases to the point they are unpleasant to use.  im afraid i dont know its name, an email to sennheiser would be your best bet there i think but....... id be...
yes it does. if your CEO your the public face of the company.  same reason no one noticed or cared when he was CFO (i tihnk.)  taking on such a role puts you in the public view so expect the public to care about your behaviour.  if you dont want public scrutiny dont take such a public role.
yes it certainly is
 good.  what kind of person gives money to a thing like that in the first place.  you put some of that ilk in as CEO and its making a statement about the company.
im thinking "yey!" for some awesome customer service there
just looked up, are you sure you wouldnt get the 3 year warranty?  the RHA Philippines site seems to suggest otherwise
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