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well WP8.1 works fine with 512mb of ram, but they have made lots of talk abotu how 10 was going to need 1GB, they then backtracked and said they would make 10 work on 512mb phones but may lack some features.   the other woird lacking feature on the 635 is that it has no fromnt camera at all.  really it just comes down to price, ive seen the 635 super cheap but ive also seen it still going for almost £100 which is waaaay too much. its all swings and roundabouts with them.
 lol well im doing others but it was put to the front of the que as it was going away to the nephew. actually, the 435 vs the 635 for most id say your better with the 435.  i mean the 6 is better sounding, faster, has a better cpu better screen but........ its only got 512mb of ram.  i dont know about pricing where you are but here the 435 is still way cheaper than the 635 so if its a just to play with device id still say go with the 4.
you're welcome
"Tell us why you would love to test this product and a few details about your background. Being tech-savvy would be a plus as there will be a learning curve. We’ll select testers by your willingness to dedicate the necessary time and provide effective feedback. We have two units at the moment and we’d like to send them to six to eight users over the next few months. You can also PM us if you don’t want to put all your information in the thread."   why?  well why else,...
what he said.
well they do have bass, lots of bass but its bass you can hear, the rest of your ear wont be feeling it.  just the lack of air volume in motion means coming from bassy dynamics you dont get the same impression of bass. im not saying you wouldnt like it but BA's can be quite different in presentation to dynamics.  so you may well want to give them a try if you can.  personally i tihnk the best bass comes out of BA drivers and the Curve is both big and excelent.
  right.  the Curves is more ever present and there is more bass.  when you start to thump out a big bassline the 100 with its dynamic moves more air so some would confuse feeling the bass more with hearing it.  looking at your list, i see some fairlybassy stuff.  the wooduo2's and others so im assuming you like quite a bit of bass. and are used to things taht are not only bassy but move alot of air too so, for you you might find that the bass output of Curves doesnt move...
ditto. i get that from the look you might be a bit taken back but they fit me perfectly. freakishly so.
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