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oh well if your getting at what is essentially half price then it becomes much better value obviously.    they are very pleasing sounding IEM and they do look wondrous
i am very pleased your happy with them and if its not been said, welcome to good quality audio and sorry for your wallet.
yeah a seal is key to bass but do bare in mind, most "consumer" things have wildly inflated bass and often its of a lousy quallity.  all big and flabby that farts all over the place.  the 750 once you have spend some time with im sure you will notice how superior it is to the likes of bose.
true there are still rather few windows phone earphones, if you do get, feel free to come back and say what you made of them too.
well i can say no, HiFiMAN have always made astoundingly good sounding for the money stuff.  particularly sincge they are so audiophile aimed that they dont try and do the "ooh this usb cable sounds smoother, and this one is brighter" nonsence they really are amazing.   still  bassy and warm it may be but dont expect a wild thrill machine, it a rather more mature and dignified sound.  the Arcana V2 would still give much more of an entertaining time of it.
not spend enough time to be definitive, while its deff very good he 300 is rather warm, smooth and bassy.  its still a rather different signature from the Arcana.  so they arent two things i would really say are competition for each other anyway.
little update:   The RE-300 came yesterday.  I can safely say that i presumed right, they are amazeballs good.  rather more significantly bassy than i expected and quite dialed down in the treble wich is just whats sensible in cheaper products.  its glorious.
hmm.   well i dont know.   now i love the PL-50, its been a long time fav of mine but its not soemthing id generally recomend because its so mid focused and bass light.  then the things you mention are somewhat bass light themselves so then im thinking it might be a good fit, im presuming your looking to the pl-50 as a beater type IEM for you as its not quite in the same range as the two you mention.  so if thats the case yeah i could see it being a good fit.   then i...
 a:  a bit.  highs refined a bitand the bass grew a touch.  nothing major though, its pretty much good to go out of the box. b: corrupt? well the amp will only supply what the IEM draws but on the whole the more power it had available the more enthusiastic it was.  the bass in particular got increasingly solid and punchy.  i think its more made with low power stuff like phones in mind which is why its so lively, to holp counter that mobile phones just dont have a lot of...
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