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curious, seen the Techne?
 they are.  theyre brand new too so my two fellows havent yet got to see them first hand quite yet but i am highly impressed with them as i am sure will they.
oh going for better is always good but just of the 3 id expect the shure to be of a very different flavour.  like choosing between a packet of crisps or a bar of chocotate.  both may be enjoyable and both are snacks but highly different flavours. the T10 are going to have a flavour a bit more like your s3, bass, power, etc etc but obviously a bit of a jump up in quality. 
  oh id agree that hybrids are often dialed up to crazy just to show off what it can do, they dont all though.  still i totally get your feeling on the matter.  i have similar about the recent fad of sticking 50 drivers in each ear (cough* westone cough*) as if to say oh more drivers = better.  like how many people think more bass = better. though not to blow my own trumpet as it were but i think that i and my two compatriots have a fairly set of ears between us and from...
yeah its got more than a passing resemblance doesnt it.  not that i ever actually got my hands on a pair and now they dont make them anymore. why no hybrid love though?  it because hybrids tend to be crazy V shaped?
      yes yes the camera on my phone sucks, i know.
good sir you do indeed think right.  living on the same side of the planet as bob has its fringe benefits
hmm, why are you wanting the 846? the s3 should be really really bassy and v shaped.  the T10 is fairly bassy too and the 846 is a shure.  im not seeing the connection? well the t10 is fantastically built and look amazing.  they sound rather good too but a bit over hard for my tastes but assuming you like the s3 then that powerful style will be closer to your tastes. 
lol well im glad someone does.  lots of reviews all seemed so conflicting.  i mean yeah they are bassy but i wasnt finding them anything like as bassy as some said.  weird.
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