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noooooo not a waste.  granted you may get more out the yammys with a better dap but its good enough that you could use it pretty much for anything.
 good arent they
7550 never heard, the 1000......  if i recall i found it too hard in the highs, so from memory the 600 is significantly better but thats from recalling what i made of them at some distance back but ive generally found that while sony have made some nice things their IEM's that ive heard have all been really overpriced.  not that they are bad but they carry a large premium for baring that well known Sony logo.
im afraid i have not.  i believe its not a million miles from the PL-50 though, so maybe you might be better woving up the food chain, SE535, RE-600 sort of stuff but..... i suspect they wont give you the ass and treble your after. the 50 being so cheap is less of a risk if its not what your after tonaly.   rich mids dont really come with punchy cold bass and cold dazzling highs.
wow, you can still get the C751?   ive yet to actually hear the yammy but given how its been spoken of in qualitative terms it should wipe the floor with the old denon.  the denon was a great one for hard punchy bass with crisp cold highs so is highly adept at electronic musical styles but......    the yammy is so much newer and so well spoken of it would surprise me if it wasnt the seizabley better of the two.
id suspect if youre findng somthing missing in the mids that its not forwardness tahts lacking but thickness.  its mids are very clean, dry and airy so they lend not to give the same richness and viscosity that i myself like in a mid range.  i cant right now think of anything that has more viscous mids yet the highs and lows stay as is here, the UM3x might be of some interest.    maybe you need to try something like the SE535, it would i think, satisfy your mid wants but...
 hi well the 600 is worth the money but yes its not crazy cheap like the other hifiman stuff.  also its a very different sound from the 272, its much warmer so take that on board.
you mean the 846 or whatever it is?  i have to say i kinda think all the rash of thingn tat came out at near US$1000 were all a bti of a **** waving exercise.  akg did it and everyone else did a me too and whipped theirs out.  not to say they arent really good, im sure thay are but hmm colour me unconvinced they deserve their price tags.
me?   oh VERY much so. it one of my absolute favourite IEM's.  not only is it technically stunning its sound signature is perfectly in sync with my personal preferences.
lol, well i do like to give a little lexicographical vibrancy to things.     using language to convey how a sound is heard i always feel is something that can never truly be done, without synaesthesia at play anyway. so one much attempt to provoke the same feeling with words as it does in sound.
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