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yeah thats a not at all bad price
yes they should play audio just fine however as etys like power you may want to spent a little extra and a get a little amp, maybe a bass boosting one too as many find Ety's a little light
done, as to when / where i come in the list i dont mind, like others have said the pre can jam could be nice but, the passage of time says thats not happening so im not super fussed.
So as title, condition is mostly very good, the watch bit itself is immaculate but the strap the weird rubber thats stuck to the edges is pealing off, what on earth it was every there in the first place for i have no clue. have all the original bits n box n stuff.
As title, its a black / charcoal or whatever it is, Hudl 2 and with the black / whatever original case. condition is immaculate, not sure if its ever loft the house, all its ever really done is play some video. have all the original bits, box n stuff.
The watch, like with the phones, this was bought, reviewed and then its basically sat untouched. condition is immaculate, have all original bits, box n stuff.
Next phone up, the Moto G 4G. its unlocked, imacculate condition. tbh besides buying and then reviewing it its not seen very much use. has always lived in a case, prosentely a hybrid, rubber hard one and there is an ebay flappy front cover case but its rather meh. i have the box and all the bits of course.
So i have too many phones and there needs to be a cull, first up is the Elelphone P8000. it is in immaculate condition, with box and all original bits. including one gel type case and an "original" flappy front cover case that has in it the little magnets to enable the case preview screen thing. it still has the screen protector that it arrived with though i did buy a glass one, i never ended up putting it on. Colour wise its the grey / silvery one. it has 16GB of storage,...
oh, the PL-50 is pretty old now, been out for years and years. remind me to look out the E10 and ill try and tell you
well the pl-50 is a balanced armature. so its rather different from a dynamic, it moves much less air, and its relativly bass light too so some will hear it and freek out.  they are used te feeling bass and with BA's you dont you hear it only.  so its amazing but not everyone is going to like it, it can take some getting used to.  the E80 however is much more of an air mover, its mids are nearly as good but its much more of a general crowd pleaser so its reviews will...
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