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hmm.   id skip the towers or sub suggestion.  room that size just get stand mounts.  you may want to towards uk/ european speaker manufacturers as they are much more prevalent, americans tend towards big, and more bombastic speakers for bigger rooms.   anything else is really hard to say.  i would suggest think about the amp first and something that has whatever connections you are going to need.  a stereo amp is auraly better but an av receiver get you rather more...
yamaha ones, its a good lazy option.
id have said a chromecast
aww, thanks.  and of course thanks to the Tekfusion team
 yeah it just seems like such an overkill thing to have on them, more is not always more.  aww thank you.
Radiopaq Jazz.  stupid cheap for really rather good audio.
well ive not heard the 80, but its essentially the same thing as the IE8 (tbh i think they just changed the name to stop google bringing up internet explorer up if you searched IE8)   its been a long time since ive directly compared those two, wont have been since about the time the 710 was launched.  in short the top end senn is similarly tuned, big V shaped sound, with huge bass and its all round sound quality is significantly higer up the food chain than the Denon. ...
RE-400.   granted it build quality is so so but its sound quality demolishes everything priced remotely near it.  as did the RE-0 before it.
lol to sum up, everyone hates the new case then.    nice to know its not just me.  soooooo wish they would bring back the lovely UE looking one.  sigh.
errr, the er4's are all more or less the same thing.  you buy the p and buy a 75 ohm impedance adapter.  that way you can turn your p into an s as the only difference between them is their impedance.   oh and just ignore the b.  ive never encountered once anyone ever suggest a use case where it is the answer to anything.   now if your question was i loved my ER4 but i want something else and ive got US$500 to play with.  well then  if you can live without the isolation...
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