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 hi well the 600 is worth the money but yes its not crazy cheap like the other hifiman stuff.  also its a very different sound from the 272, its much warmer so take that on board.
you mean the 846 or whatever it is?  i have to say i kinda think all the rash of thingn tat came out at near US$1000 were all a bti of a **** waving exercise.  akg did it and everyone else did a me too and whipped theirs out.  not to say they arent really good, im sure thay are but hmm colour me unconvinced they deserve their price tags.
me?   oh VERY much so. it one of my absolute favourite IEM's.  not only is it technically stunning its sound signature is perfectly in sync with my personal preferences.
lol, well i do like to give a little lexicographical vibrancy to things.     using language to convey how a sound is heard i always feel is something that can never truly be done, without synaesthesia at play anyway. so one much attempt to provoke the same feeling with words as it does in sound.
after an exceedingly long time, mine is finally done and up.
Nokia Lumia 635 Quick Review   Brief:  A Nokia PMP that makes calls too.   Price:  £130 or in the US US$99   Specification:  Go read here   Accessories:  Err a charger, that’s it.   Build Quality:  Very nice.   Aesthetics:  Plain, very simple visually and as such quite inoffensive.  You can change the back covers if colour is more your thing.   As a Phone:  Meh.  WP is nice and snappy, elegant even but still I...
Nokia Lumia 635 Review       First Impressions:  Post referendum day and having not slept I was in a rather good mood.  Sufficiently so that I thought I’d buy myself a now toy.  I had been thinking for a little while about getting a windows phone, to see what it’s like.  I had been thinking 530 or 520, something really cheap but supposedly quite good.  When I got to the Three shop the screen on the 530 looked horrible and the 520 had hardware buttons.  So I started... i mention the w4 several times i believe.
 well.....i do kinda think your right.  obviously not all americans are but there does rather often seem to be a, erm shall we say "patriotic" attitude to buying.
T-PEOS Altone 200 Quick Review   Thanks to T-PEOS for the sample.   Brief:  A wildly excitable 3 way party beast.   Price:  £109 or about US$176 (before HMRC get to you.)   Specification:  - Type: In-ear, - Driver Unit: 2 Balanced Armature & 1 Dynamic Unit, - Inpedance: 22Ohm / 1kHz, - Power: 100mW(maz), - Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz, - Connector: 2.5mm / 24k gold plated L-type plug, Cord 1.2m / PVC round type, Weight 16g         Accessories:  A pair of ear...
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