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hey dunc, text me. heading in now
oooh might just do that oh eve i think ive got planned, food with friends, whom be at work in the day unlike myself.
anyone presently in london with little to do?  i am am half looking for something lest i end up doing nothing all day.
ooooh you should never say you can stretch your budget around here, now you can get better if you spend more but you begin a notable decline in price to performance.  given i think yoru fairly new to audio the 750 is more likely to be the safer bet.  many new peeps find the mid centric sound of somethings to be not what they wanted at all, a V shaped or big bass, big treble sound is mroe dramatic and boombastic.  the 750 gives you a bit of that, with good clarity and its...
err usually aim for a min of 100 hours but thats to treat everything equally rather than trying and checking or debating on haw long anything needs
Watch it'll help.
How curious.
Oh skip the 215 they don't compare to the 750 unless you need the iso
heah my ears just say tha the 600 is more grainy and the 3 extends pretty well.  though it fairness my hearing treble responce i dont think is entirely the same as is typical for a human.  i know im relatively treble sensitive.
oh.  so its noice cancelling.  my interest level in has just taken somewhat of a dive.
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