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 aww thats a shame,  lol you have a big head then.  tbh i never even thought about that.  maybe thats the down side to the joint mic and Y splitter, you need to make it shorter to keep it near your mouth for the mic.  still im sure you could find a friend or relative to pass them on to to make use of them.  ditto on the build and look, both are so impressive for the price of them, i still think they cant be making any money on them.
yeah, how odd.  i never really got any, did you try wearing them up at all? 
well thats possible but either way, for £5 delivered to pretty much anywhere on the planet strikes me as being a bargain of epic proportions.
N.B.  at present they are on sale so cheaper than what is their normaly cheap price to just £5 or US$7.50  http://www.gearbest.com/mount-holder/pp_212221.html   im convinced that these are being sold at a loss, i just dont see how they can be priced how they are but they are.
oh yeah for US$30 just to use a DAP is a grand bargain but the whole device being locked to Verizon is why americans pay stupid money for phone contracts.  the whole point of gsm was that the phone is yours, you can do what you like with it and if wanted change networks, take a sim only deal and if they networks screws you, you can just leave taking your phone with you.  screw any company that tells me i cant do whatever the hell i want to with my device.   but anyway,...
well i can now confirm i shall be in attendance.    not that ive looked throguh  but im just wondering if we have been tosd what the numbers presently are for attendance?
reliablility seems to be rather good, theyre certainly very well constructed.  however when you say is the no mic better than the mic'ed one, well yes.  mic's put an additional cable junction stress point so it therefor must be more prone than the origional version.  however its not sometihng ive seen as being a general problem. highs an not harsh, fairly abundant but inless you throw crappy trebble at them they shouldnt be getting sibilant or "harsh" but if you do.  well...
cant say im afraid, not heard the Deltas, not to date anyway.
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