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ah sorry, just thought with the low post count.   tbh once you get used to wearing up it really is the best way to wear IEM's as it takes any pressure off them, as you move the slight tugs on the cable and whatnot no longer affect them.
dynamics are rarely totally sealed, dynamic drivers need space to move. BA drivers dont so they are always sealed.  they are often much smaller too, with smaller bores so should be able to put on a small olive and then stick them deep.
ahh, so your saying you get a crap seal then.   the answer to that is foam tips,  for the jvc i think your only real option is going to be complys which can be frustrating as those things get expensive replacing them all the time.   tbh i would have still put the problem down to them being dynamic and pretty open IEM's.
then i say get it.   the C751 was good in its day and now can be bested but for EDM and trance and "music" of that ilk its got the wonderfully paradoxical, cold yet bassy sound signature that works superbly with it.    oh and the "magic cable" on it is possibly the best cable any IEM ever has been adorned with, then as an uber bonus its one of the best looking IEM's ever too.  such a shame Denon stopped making it really.
DN-1000 or MA750, both are great and well built.  the 750 in particular has crazy build quality.
question:  you mention the Denon C751, why?  not that tere is anything wrong with it, just its been discontinued for some time so im surprised to see it crop up.
if you want something that isolates more buy something that is more closed.  BA stuff offers better isolation as a rule.
for your music tastes i think youd do better with the 750.  the 215 will be too much too polite up top for you.
isnt that budget begininng to push towards HD25 money?
Brainwavz M2.   Radiopaq Jazz's are also not bad, quite stunnuing value at the present dirt cheap price too.   oh and i beleve you can find the Wooduo2's for about £60.  they have epic bass for the money.
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