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not to denigrate sennheiser but those will be very V shaped so by punch i presume you mean massive bass and by clairity you mean hard aggressive treble.   what i dont get is you saying there is a rumbling bass that overpowers everything else.   that is certainly not how they should be.
well.....i certainly wont be arguing to anyone that they shouldnt have a handfull of cheap ones too.  things like the GR06, PL-50 oh and god there are whole heap of cheaper things that you can have a really fun time with.    oh and ditto on the noodles, i miss them greatly.
yeah the treble on the 750 is pretty damn excellent isnt it.  metalic and crispy yet still retaining a sumptuously delicate decay.   your E6 though, hit the bass boost button if you want some more.  also play around with the tips.  the foam ones are going to give you bit of a boost to the lows at the slight taming of a little high end.
 in what way would a touch screen not be better for all of those?
i have 2 comps with windows 8.  never have i thought a track pad would be better than a mouse.
oh obviously touchpads have a convenience factor, being built in and taking up no additional space is a huge deal.  its why people use them.    however no one with a desktop set up goes oooooh i wont get a mouse i'll buy a touchpad instead.
 oh thats right, its some religious belief i have that all touchpads suck and i take it as an article of faith. nothing to do with having never encountered a touchpad that wasnt suck and in every usability sense ive found to be grossly inferior to using a mouse.  i did not say touch pad would suck until the end of time, but until i am given any substantive evidence mankind has developed one that does not suck, i have no reason to think otherwise.
touchpads do suck. there is nothing ignorant about that statement.  if you disagree show me a touchpad that doesnt then.   clearly a touchpad is better than nothing at all but only just.  i always take a small bluetooth mouse with me when the laptop goes for a wander.
oh i haddnt taken as a criticism, was just helping to clarify a tad
 well touchpads sucks.  this is why mice exist.
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