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aww, thank you. well i am glad you like it. yeah once you get in the habit of wireless its very freeing isnt it. 
thanks.  i do hope all those getting them will like them, i think they will.  plus ill be super interested to see how everyone gets on with the fit given their peculiar shape yet they fit me perfectly.
woo hoo!  so talk about taking forever to get up but........ my Techne review is finally up.   (computer issues and internet issues)
tbh, i suspect given the amount of self love that was going on up onthat stage at the relaunch, that each and everyone of them are surrounded by ass kissers.  im sure they really think that taking what made Tidal different and throwing it out the window to turn it into the jay z show and friends is just what the world wants.
nope, they pretty good for the job, though they not the most isolating so if you commute in a super noisy environment like the Tube then maybe i would look towards a BA IEM.
that is the other thing that really kills, frankly when i see companies doing that, to me it reads like big giant FU to their customers.
 yeah then im sure youve seen the change since the relaunch.  it now just feels like expensive jay-z advertising platform.   "American footballer who currently has a celeb playlist on the front page." absolutly, given they went form carefully crafted playlists to such cack feels like they have completely thrown away what made spotify different.  i hate when companies do that, for F's sake if i wanted something just like spotify, id bloody well use spotify!!! it really does...
hey, if its of interest i just posted my write up on what i made of Tidal.
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