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OK. I ordered a stello 100sig and I found a toslink to mini optical cable to use. Hope it works.
I have not read one post that ever complained about ED9's. What do those that "loath" them say?
I was cruising NYC last week sampling a pair of Ultrasones HFI780's. I got a lot of looks- but I am starting to see more NYC walkers wearing large phones. I was in paris a few weeks ago and i was amazed at how many people there cruise around wearing Koss Portapros. I counted at least 6 maybe 7. It was just weird.
Is upsample preferable? I always understand a direct signal feed was best. How does the stello handle this?
I checked my express and I do not think it has a toslink. It has a mini, USB and ethernet. (?) My mac pro has an optical out- but my express does not. I'm way confused here. on the express- What are you guys using as the toslink out?
I will assume this can't be done- but I'll ask anyway. I currently have all my music burned lossless into Itunes. I stream via airport extreme to an express into my Rotel. Due to my apartment layout- This works best since running a cable is more or less out of the question. Now that I found this website and I am hearing about DAC for the first time. I realize I can sit at my work station and use a headphone amp. (which i plan to do) But I would want to also benefit...
So would I be able to use something like the predator as a DAC and connect that to a WA6? Or is this overkill? (sorry- I'm new to all this and trying to learn)
Would it make any sense to use the WA6 with computer audio set-up? Or should I get a player and haul my CD's out of storage? Also if I could use this with my Mac- what's the best connection? line out from mac into WA6?
I don't understand the differences in these amps. I would assume the predator would be the best bet because it has a USB output that can be used with ipod or laptop. Isn't that a higher quality output than the line out?
I realized that I would be in constant wonder to the ED9- so I pulled the trigger. I found a decent price and saved over $700 compared to some resellers. (Not sure how some shops can sell at such discount- I assume it's on the up and up) If the ED9's deliver a smooth version of pro900- I'll be quite happy for years to come.
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