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Loud, crisp- very nice and much better than prev models
[QUOTE=hawat;5048161]I tend to prefer velour pads over leather so I find the hd 650 more comfortable than the e9. Some people also don't like the headband but I have no problem here. I agree- I also prefer the velour pads. Do any re-cable guys do re pads. Would love to get my ED9 with velour.
I have one of these on order from are they cool?
How would the Woo6 pair up with ED9's running through a zero DAC?
you might want to try the new pro900's. they are not quite in the same league as the ED9's, but they have a very similar sound. good detail. a bit more bass than ED9's. And you can get them online for about $330. I dug the 900's so much I returned them and bought the ED9's. I love the ED9's and no regrets, but honestly I could have lived just fine with the 900's. Also think about B&H photo in NYC. You can order online and have 30 days to return. I tried many ultrasones...
I have a Predator DAC/AMP. Using it with a pair of ED9's. I have to use a phono to mini connect with the Predator. I have to jiggle the cable/connectors to get sound to both sides of the headphones to get a good feed. Since I have only used my ED9's in this configuration- it may even be the headphone cable (?) Something is not making a solid connection. Not sure what's to blame: the connectors or the Predator Amp. I never liked the idea of using a mini plug...
WOT, Lossless files to Airport to Rotel RSX1056 (two channel set-up) out to a pair of B&W CM2's. When I added the Stello I ran the airport into it using the toslink optical. I set it to upsample. And ran it out to the Rotel via interconnects.
Yeah- I'm not sure a "burn in" will make it drastically different from what i hear today. I tend to lean toward: the Stello is not a good fit with my system. That said- it may greatly improve on another system. I tried it and I just don't think I need it.
Should I expect a noticeable change as they settle? I suppose my beef is- in relation to the cost- I expected a bit more. Maybe I didn't realize just how clean and upfront my system sounded. Perhaps once you have decent receiver/speaker set-up- improvements from additional components will be subtle? I'll give it some time. I could also sell it. I'm thinking I should have used the $800+ toward an investment on one of the newer Rotels.
Just received a Stello DA100s. I hooked it up via toslink to my Airport express and I'm running it into a Rotel 2 channel system with B&W speakers. The system sounded quite good without the Stello, but I bought into some hype and I am considering a tube headphone amp in the future- so that's the reason for the Stello. Sadly, I'm not that impressed. I do not hear much improvement- if any. Anyone share the buyer remorse on something like this? (I wish I could have...
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