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you might want to try the new pro900's. they are not quite in the same league as the ED9's, but they have a very similar sound. good detail. a bit more bass than ED9's. And you can get them online for about $330. I dug the 900's so much I returned them and bought the ED9's. I love the ED9's and no regrets, but honestly I could have lived just fine with the 900's. Also think about B&H photo in NYC. You can order online and have 30 days to return. I tried many ultrasones...
I have a Predator DAC/AMP. Using it with a pair of ED9's. I have to use a phono to mini connect with the Predator. I have to jiggle the cable/connectors to get sound to both sides of the headphones to get a good feed. Since I have only used my ED9's in this configuration- it may even be the headphone cable (?) Something is not making a solid connection. Not sure what's to blame: the connectors or the Predator Amp. I never liked the idea of using a mini plug...
WOT, Lossless files to Airport to Rotel RSX1056 (two channel set-up) out to a pair of B&W CM2's. When I added the Stello I ran the airport into it using the toslink optical. I set it to upsample. And ran it out to the Rotel via interconnects.
Yeah- I'm not sure a "burn in" will make it drastically different from what i hear today. I tend to lean toward: the Stello is not a good fit with my system. That said- it may greatly improve on another system. I tried it and I just don't think I need it.
Should I expect a noticeable change as they settle? I suppose my beef is- in relation to the cost- I expected a bit more. Maybe I didn't realize just how clean and upfront my system sounded. Perhaps once you have decent receiver/speaker set-up- improvements from additional components will be subtle? I'll give it some time. I could also sell it. I'm thinking I should have used the $800+ toward an investment on one of the newer Rotels.
Just received a Stello DA100s. I hooked it up via toslink to my Airport express and I'm running it into a Rotel 2 channel system with B&W speakers. The system sounded quite good without the Stello, but I bought into some hype and I am considering a tube headphone amp in the future- so that's the reason for the Stello. Sadly, I'm not that impressed. I do not hear much improvement- if any. Anyone share the buyer remorse on something like this? (I wish I could have...
The headband doesn't bother as much as the weight. My HD600's are so comfortable compared to the ED9's. But I prefer the sound from ED9's.
I just received my Predator. Sounds great, but it didn't come with a USB cable. I am using a long thin Radio Shack cable that I use for Camera downloads. I am using it as a work desk amp with my Macbook and would like a short quality cable. Can anyone recommend a decent quality- short cable that works with the predator? Thanks
Just received my ED9's. Wow. I'm playing them through a Macbook hooked up to a RS predator. I'm hearing nuances never heard in recordings I've been listening to for 20 years. I'm going to have trouble putting these down and going to bed. My only issue is the cable. It's a bit stiff and seems kinda cheap. I expected a finer soft cable.
OK. I ordered a stello 100sig and I found a toslink to mini optical cable to use. Hope it works.
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