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I have a MINT pair of HFI 2200. Maybe 10 hours of use. Sound is great- but I bought the ED9's and want to re-coop some funds. $125
I currently have my ED9's running through a RS Predator. I use this with my macbook and it sounds pretty good. But I read that desktop amps will sound better. I searched amps for ED9's and most suggestions were well over $1,000. I can't spend that much. I thought about the Woo6- but read that ED9's are better with SS amps. Is there a decent desktop that beats the sound I'm getting from the Predator and is priced about $5-600?
I have ED9's. But would like to try something I could wear all day with comfort. The D5000 looks like it could fit the bill. Coming from ED9 what should I expect going to D5000? I know the D5000 might have more bass- what about soundstage and detail?
Is the updated 900 driver considered superior to the the ED9 driver?
I searched and just found out it means the sound will be lush and the tubes will get very, very hot. true? Anything else I need to know. I'm considering one of the Woo Amps and one is OTL and the other is not.
3G does not eliminate the buzz, but it does buzz less than my 1st gen iphone.
Anyone ever try Bang and Olufsen?
I picked up a Predator to use at my work station. (There's no room for a full size amp) I was skeptical at first. My ED9's sounded great straight out of my Macbook, but the amp really does open it up and tame it down. As some have said- the portable amp does not add much, but it's enough to notice and I prefer to listen with the amp.
I guess that's my question: Is a LOD from the ipod really garbage out compared to a $200-$300 DAC?
I would be using with ED9's. I spent all my cash on the Headphones- so looking to save some on a DAC right now.
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