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Price reduce to $1000
free shipping in US can take paypal- but buyer must pay paypal fee
Mint. 100 hours. Original cable. Includes hard case. $1200.
ED9's: I just noticed the Stitching on the left ear pad is uneven. The right side is uniform all around. The pads fit on the ears fine- this is a cosmetic issue. Just curious if others found this slight flaw in their pair.
still available
That's odd about ruthenium. Ultrasone claims they have the safest headphones. Perhaps there is a way to treat it to make it safe?
IMO- I would describe the ultrasone as a open sound- not surround. You might want to try the pioneer wireless system. The headphones are a bit bulky but they are very comfortable. The sound is amazing. It sounds so live- I sometimes have to take them off to double check that the speakers are not blasting.
To repeat what Gradofan said. I have used both and to me they sound very similar. The HD650 had a tad more more bass. The HD600 seemed to clamp less- but perhaps they were just worn in better. I prefer ED9's over both.
Thanks much
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