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Fast payment- very smooth.
Portable Headphone Amp. MINT Condition- very low use. Includes power cable. location NYC- will ship- Buyer pays cost. Bokertonepictures@yahoo.com
Mint condition. Under 100 hours of use. $375 Bokertonepictures@yahoo.com Location NYC. Will ship- Buyer pays cost.
I use the pro 900's at home. Curious to the 15G's as a walk around pair. I worry they might be a tad too thin sounding. Anyone try them?
I noticed on B&H that they have the Ultrasone pro900 listed and they also have another pro900 listed as "to be released soon" Is Ultrasone releasing an upgraded version- or is this just a misprint?
I have the wireless set and they are great. Just curious if the Pio's are any good for walk around/travel phones. I currently use Ultrasone pro900. For some reason they have begun to sound muddy.
I have the Pioneer and they are insane. They are big and look silly- but you will find yourself taking them off to check that the room speakers are tuned down. I love letting other people try these- the response is usually- WOW!
I bought the IE7 a few days ago and they are the most comfortable pair of IEM I have ever worn. The sound good, but not as good as I thought they would. (I could still return them and get the Shure's for a $100 more) How do the IE7's compare to the Shure 530 in sound and comfort?
MINT condition. Stock. Bought new last month from B&H photo. $200 (buyer pays $10 paypal fee- but I will ship for free)
New Posts  All Forums: