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Yeah- that's what I thought. Thanks.   No- I do not care about games- I have a 50inch Plasma with a Blu ray player. I have a excellent Rotel + B&W set up-   but I live in a condo and can not crank it up late at night.   So my main concern is getting the best movie listening experience through a set of headphones.   Would the AD700 be a good choice for movies as well?
For the past 5 years I have been using bulky Pioneer wireless surround headphones. (The older D-2000 system- no longer sold) They are a bit heavy- but the sound is incredible. Last night they stopped working. I changed the battery, etc- but nothing helped. They're dead.   The Pioneer transmitter has a headphone out, so I plugged in my Ultrasone pro900's. The 900's sounded pretty good, but they are closed backed and I'm not sure i was getting the same open...
Still available.  
Are the pro 900's good for rock and jazz- or would the 680's be better choice?
Any Tubes for Hifiman EF2A besides the stock pair?
Where can I get the 250 pads- online?
Own pro 900'a and looking for a decent low cost DAC/AMP- D4 or HiFiman EF 2A?
looking for a walkabout pair for iphones. How would these compare with Ultrasone 580?
I am looking for an small affordable DAC/AMP combo for use with Macbook. no more than $250   I am looking at the Hifiman EF 2A and the ibasso's. I also considered Fubar 3- but then I read it has hiss noise (?)   I have Ultrasone pro 900 headphones.   Any major differences between the EF 2A and ibasso?   also- I can not find any difference between D2 or D4 other than price- is that correct?
Does Beyerdynamic sell their earcups separately? And would it be possible to swap and clip them to a pair of Ultrasone Pro 900's? I realize this may alter the sound somewhat- but I am looking long use comfort.
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