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I stream to my Rotel set to Dolby PLIIx out to B&W speakers. It fills the room with sound- I dig it. I know purists will stick with 2 channel. Two ch. is what I grew up on and I gave it a try and it just felt weak and thin. Like I said- for me- the Dolby 5.1 is nice, lush and full. It's a more of an experience. 2 ch felt boring.   I also have a Pioneer Dolby surround headphone amp. The same result. I tried to listen to 2 channel through my Sennheiser 598's...
How does this stack compare to the HiFiman EF2A? I'm pretty happy with the sound I'm getting from the EF2A- but I want to run some 24bit stuff. My concern going SS vs Tubes is losing the smooth warm sound I like. I have a pair of Ultrasones pro 900 and a pair of HD 598's. So- worth a try out or skip it and stay with HiFiman? Unfortunately I'm on a budget. Thanks.
still have these. MINT like new. Includes case and cable
ok- here ya go.                                    
Mint. Includes case and cable. $300 plus $15 shipping.
I have an old Pioneer wireless headphone amp running off my Rotel. It's a wireless system- but the included pioneer headphones are a big large and the signal cuts out too often.   It has a 1/4 output for a second set of wired headphones. I have been plugging in my Ultrasone pro 900's and they sound good- but they are closed. I really think I would prefer an open headphone for my movie watching.   How would the beyer DT-990's compare sound wise?   Would...
I have Ultrasone pro900 for music. Looking for a good headphone to use with home theater movie viewing. I tried the 900's and they sound nice, but I think I want an open back for this. I'm considering the Ultrasone Hfi 2400's or Sennheisers HD 598. Also consider the wireless Pioneer's. Any thoughts? Thanks
I have a pair of Ultrasone pro900 for home use. I would like to get a headphone for travel. I have used the pro900 for travel in the past and they are a tad too big and heavy.     I would like to stick with Ultrasone. I am curious if the HFI 780, 680, or 580's would provide a more lightweight, smaller solution.   Thanks  
Anyone using this for blu ray viewing? My Pioneer wireless system is old and the headphones are HUGE. I am looking for something that will work with my Ultrasones. No games- only movies
Agree- In the condo i need to use headphones most of the time- but I do not think Open back headphones will be bleed through the walls the way the B&W's do.   I do agree the Ultrasone pro 900 do sound very, good. But while the pro900 soundstage works excellent for music- I feel it's a bit too closed for movies.   I miss the openness I was getting from the old Pioneer's. It really felt like I was sitting in an open theater. (I'm surprised no one has...
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