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Sorry- I meant the power cord to the Magni.But my question- more specifically- is how do you power down the Modi so the light goes off?
Just received Magni/Modi combo. Will I sacrifice any quality by not using the Modi power supply? (The light is super bright and it stays on if I use the wall plug.)
Received last night. Out of the box- sweet. Hard to believe they will only get better.
  Thanks for the heads up. I canceled Amazon and re-ordered from headamp. Can't beat free next day ship and free pads.
I just ordered a pair from Amazon. Question- does the package include a set of velour pads- or do I need to purchase? I'm pretty sure I'll want to change them. If not included- where can I buy the soft velour pads that fit? Thanks!
The Ultrasone ED 9's are sweet.
Sold my Pro 900 because I really want a light weight, open Headphone. I tried the HD 598- but it sounds muffled. It doesn't have the big open sound I'm looking for. Not as clean as the Ultrasone IMO.   50% Music 50% Home Theater   Can anyone recommend the 2900?
I was just in B&H Photo and demoed a pair of Pro 900's. I owned a pair 2 years ago before selling for the home Theater friendly HD598 I could swear the 900's look and feel different....? They seem a bit smaller and lighter. The color also appears lighter.   They also sounded better than I remember. I might go back.
I stream to my Rotel set to Dolby PLIIx out to B&W speakers. It fills the room with sound- I dig it. I know purists will stick with 2 channel. Two ch. is what I grew up on and I gave it a try and it just felt weak and thin. Like I said- for me- the Dolby 5.1 is nice, lush and full. It's a more of an experience. 2 ch felt boring.   I also have a Pioneer Dolby surround headphone amp. The same result. I tried to listen to 2 channel through my Sennheiser 598's...
How does this stack compare to the HiFiman EF2A? I'm pretty happy with the sound I'm getting from the EF2A- but I want to run some 24bit stuff. My concern going SS vs Tubes is losing the smooth warm sound I like. I have a pair of Ultrasones pro 900 and a pair of HD 598's. So- worth a try out or skip it and stay with HiFiman? Unfortunately I'm on a budget. Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: