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? No burn in effect? I'm sure I read somewhere that these take about 100 hours to settle in. You're claiming Headphone burn in time is BS?
Which way do the 400's lean after burn in? Do they mellow or become more aggressive?
Sorry- I meant the power cord to the Magni.But my question- more specifically- is how do you power down the Modi so the light goes off?
Just received Magni/Modi combo. Will I sacrifice any quality by not using the Modi power supply? (The light is super bright and it stays on if I use the wall plug.)
Received last night. Out of the box- sweet. Hard to believe they will only get better.
  Thanks for the heads up. I canceled Amazon and re-ordered from headamp. Can't beat free next day ship and free pads.
I just ordered a pair from Amazon. Question- does the package include a set of velour pads- or do I need to purchase? I'm pretty sure I'll want to change them. If not included- where can I buy the soft velour pads that fit? Thanks!
The Ultrasone ED 9's are sweet.
Sold my Pro 900 because I really want a light weight, open Headphone. I tried the HD 598- but it sounds muffled. It doesn't have the big open sound I'm looking for. Not as clean as the Ultrasone IMO.   50% Music 50% Home Theater   Can anyone recommend the 2900?
I was just in B&H Photo and demoed a pair of Pro 900's. I owned a pair 2 years ago before selling for the home Theater friendly HD598 I could swear the 900's look and feel different....? They seem a bit smaller and lighter. The color also appears lighter.   They also sounded better than I remember. I might go back.
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