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Well this is a bummer. I have had the X2's for about 3-4 months. I have not had any "leak" issues. But I do not really care to wait until they do. Some posts here seem to claim Phillips has corrected this issue? Are they offering exchange? I would exchange with Phillips (if they're even offering)....or go HM5. HM5 are toxic free I assume?
Just picked up a pair of X2's. I agree completely with the OP. The build quality outstanding. These phones are bullet proof.   They will be replacing my B&O's H6.   The Fidelio's are real full (great soundstage) more kick in the bass. The H6 is a great neutral headphone - but after a year- I'm bored with the thins.   The Fidelio sounds best at higher volume.   Use an Amp and turn them UP.....you'll have a hard time turning them down.
I have the P7. I also have a pair of floor standing B&W's and love them. So they have my respect. The look and build is top notch. Classy. They are the type of headphone i imagine my dad would have owned in the 70's....until the other day he told me he bought the B&O H6. ok. The H6 doesn't have the immediate punch of the P7- but the sound is clean and tight. I find i have to turn up the volume a bit on the H6 vs the P7. (This could be due to the P7's driver?) overall...
Can anyone recommend a replacement ear pad that will fit the ultrasone pro 550? I tried the Beyer 770 pads. The pads are perfect but they are too big for the cups.
I loved these at first, but after awhile I found them a tad too bright. For me- The sound quality was too crystal clear. I realized i prefer a more slightly veiled sig. But impressive none the less.
I would think this would completely ruin the material. They held up you say?
Are there any decent stock Pads softer than the velours included that will fit the HE400's? Similar to the Beyers. Not interested in DYI solution. I just want to buy a pair off the shelf if I can. Thanks
? No burn in effect? I'm sure I read somewhere that these take about 100 hours to settle in. You're claiming Headphone burn in time is BS?
Which way do the 400's lean after burn in? Do they mellow or become more aggressive?
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